Big Data and Cloud Technologies Converge to Propel Business Analytics

In a special DBTA roundtable webcast on big data analytics in the cloud, Ashish Thusoo, CEO and co-founder of Qubole, and Lawrence Schwartz, vice president of marketing at Attunity, discussed how big data and cloud technologies are converging to create a cost-effective delivery model for fast, easily-accessible business analytics.

Qubole is a provider of a big-data-as-a-service offering running on leading cloud platforms, and Attunity is a provider of information availability software solutions.

With Qubole’s Analytics Platform customers are getting a completely integrated big data platform which can be used for data exploration as well as building data pipelines. “A lot of effort has gone into being able to work around the architecture of the cloud and being able to take advantage of the ability to provide better performance,” noted Ashish Thusoo, CEO and co-founder, Qubole.

This service is currently available in all the regions of the world on the Amazon cloud, he said.  “The reason we provide this in all regions is so that we are close to your data that is being generated in the cloud."

In addition, observed Lawrence Schwartz, vice president of marketing at Attunity, a common problem that people are having is with the data warehouse loading process. Organizations are challenged in getting data loaded in a cost effective, easy manner, he said. To address these issues, Schwartz said, Attunity focuses on big data movement with an emphasis on moving any type of data anytime, anywhere.

Some of the pains in data acquisition for the cloud that people are dealing with are complexity, expense, lag times, and the lack of developer resources. Attunity’s CloudBeam is a solution that enables accelerated transfers of data to, from, and between cloud environments, including solutions for Amazon Resdshift, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS.

The replay of this January 23 webcast - including the follow-up question-and-answer session - is now available.

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