Birst Introduces Networked BI & Analytics Platform Targeting the Digital Supply Chain

Birst, a provider of cloud BI and analytics, is introducing collaboration and real-time capabilities for its Networked BI & Analytics platform to enable customers to create digital supply chains.

Birst Networked BI is intended to support collaboration with internal business processes, as well as external customers and suppliers, enabling decision makers to adjust to changes in supply and demand proactively. In addition, extranet and external data blending capabilities enable individual users from customers, suppliers, and employees to bring their own data into the network – for sharing forecasts, anticipating changes, and planning for scenarios - without adversely affecting the centrally controlled plan.

Birst’s Networked BI & Analytics platform helps create what the company calls “an interwoven fabric of data,” eliminating silos across purchasing and planning, to production and fulfillment. The platform is part of a larger trend away from siloed decision making toward multi-source analysis across varying data sources, to enable insights accessible to everyday business users. With a multi-tenant cloud architecture, companies can gain end-to-end insight into their supply chains to optimize operations, while giving end users self-service, creating an agile supply chain, noted Brad Peters, chief product officer, Birst.

According to the vendor, Birst automatically aggregates data from multiple sources, and refines and models it, so all the information can be seen in one place, no matter how complex the supply chain. With these insights, operations managers have visibility from raw material and sales forecasts, to logistics tracking and delivery, so they can adjust supply and shorten lead times without maintaining inventory buffer.

Birst’s extranet capabilities enable integration with external suppliers and customers for enhanced collaboration, so that manufacturers can fine tune their forecasts in alignment with constituents, while protecting access to secured data.

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