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Databricks Adds $140 Million in Series D Funding to Accelerate Enterprise Analytics and AI

Databricks, founded by the team that created Apache Spark, has secured $140 million in a Series D funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The new funding brings Databricks’ total capital raised to $247 million, and will accelerate the company’s investment in making artificial intelligence (AI) achievable for enterprise organizations with its Unified Analytics Platform.

New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures, Future Fund Investment Co., A.Capital Partners, Geodesic Capital, and Green Bay Ventures also participated in this funding round.

According to Databricks, while many businesses are exploring how they can use AI for competitive advantage, very few are able to do so effectively today, since utilizing AI can be both complex and costly. With its Unified Analytics Platform, Databricks says it is helping to eliminate barriers to make data science and AI approachable for a broader audience.

Databricks plans to use this funding to increase product investment in its Unified Analytics Platform, which combines data science, data engineering and business; accelerate its global growth strategy; expand its markets through industry-specific solutions for industries such as healthcare & life sciences, financial services, government, and media & entertainment; and grow its engineering and customer success teams.

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There are plenty of pronouncements about artificial intelligence—both in terms of the miracles it can produce and the threat it poses to humanity. But according to Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO of Databricks, there is actually a "1% problem" in that there are a handful of companies such as Google, Amazon, and a few others that are actually accomplishing their goals with it. AI has vast potential but some of the claims, as well as the fears, are overstated and a little premature right now, he contends.

Posted August 14, 2017