Experts Look at How Companies Can Evolve with Oracle

Oracle offers a one stop shop for all cloud needs and provides business software, with a broad portfolio of solutions to companies of all sizes. However, some enterprises are taking issue with vendor lock-in and want to reinvent their IT strategies.

Rimini Street recently conducted a survey of IT professionals to gather insight on relationships with Oracle, their application strategies, and future cloud plans.

Pat Phelan, VP, market research at Rimini Street and Jason Kotsaftis, senior product marketing director at Rimini Street, recently provide a summary of the results during DBTA’s recent webinar.

Rimini Street’s survey took stock of the following items for businesses:

  • The top 2019 priorities of licensees and how those align with the current health of their relationships with Oracle
  • Details on their overall satisfaction with Oracle maintenance, support and new features, as well as their future Oracle plans
  • Whether they have moved or plan to move their Oracle applications to the cloud and their rationale

Survey demographics included IT, finance and procurement professionals from C-Suite to management level, according to Phelan and Kotsaftis.

While CEOs prioritize growth, IT struggles with cost and resources, according to the survey. Respondents identified their top priorities as optimizing costs and increasing productivity using existing resources, Phelan and Kotsaftis said.

The survey found that customers face challenges with ongoing maintenance and support. Respondents are facing significant challenges with ongoing maintenance and support, and they are dissatisfied with the level of innovation offered.

Customers are planning their move to the cloud carefully, Phelan and Kotsaftis said. The majority of respondents continue to maximize use of their existing licensed Oracle applications, with half planning to lift and shift to hosted cloud environments over time.

Phelan and Kotsaftis provided steps to take back control of the business driven roadmap. This includes considerations such as:

  • What benefits are you receiving from your current support spend and resource allocation?
  • Prioritize gamechanging initiatives that will move the needle for your business
  • Understand the implications of moving Oracle software into the Oracle cloud
  • It’s your roadmap, not the vendor’s – choose what is right for your business
  • Evaluate thirdparty support to retake control

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.