Oracle Unveils Oracle GoldenGate

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Integrating technology from its acquisition of GoldenGate Software into the Oracle Data Integration suite of solutions, Oracle has announced Oracle GoldenGate, which delivers low-impact real-time data integration and replication technology to Oracle Fusion Middleware and provides a comprehensive, heterogeneous data integration platform.

Describing Oracle customers' requirements for data integration during a recent webcast, Hasan Rizvi, senior vice president for Oracle Fusion Middleware, noted there are three key elements. "You obviously need information to be accessible in a secure and available way across the enterprise; you need to make sure that you have trusted information, meaning that you have good quality so you can make the decisions you need to make on that information; and then finally it needs to be real time more and more because you need up-to-date information."

With GoldenGate, explains Rizvi, "we fill a very important need which is providing heterogeneous real-time data across the enterprise. >From a data integration perspective it is a very important element," Describing GoldenGate as the "gold standard" for real time heterogeneous data integration, he notes, "They are by far one of the leaders in that category. They have a very proven track record."

Oracle GoldenGate allows real-time data movement between heterogeneous source and target systems with minimal overhead on the IT infrastructure, enabling real-time BI solutions, multi-directional data synchronization for distributed systems, zero downtime system upgrades, disaster recovery and migrations between heterogeneous databases, OS platforms and servers.

According to Oracle, a key benefit of Oracle GoldenGate is that it enables data to be moved in sub-seconds, and avoids performance impact on source systems and the network by capturing only committed changed data from transaction logs. As a result, organizations benefit from reduced infrastructure costs and improved business insight using timely data.

Additionally, Oracle GoldenGate also offers Oracle GoldenGate Veridata, high-speed data comparison software that identifies and reports on data discrepancies between heterogeneous databases without impacting their availability; and Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate, a solution that enables easy management of Oracle GoldenGate deployments across the enterprise.

"Obviously, financial services and telecommunications companies historically have had a big requirement for real time data but it is expanding in terms of broader enterprise coverage as well," says Rizvi. With GoldenGate technology a part of Oracle's portfolio, "Now, from a data integration perspective we have a very complete, and a very compelling solution for our customers."

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