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Tokutek Introduces TokuMX Enterprise Edition With Hot Backup

Tokutek, a provider of big data performance solutions, has introduced TokuMX Enterprise Edition with hot back-up. This new edition is designed to eliminate backup-related downtime for non-stop big data applications.

TokuMX is an open source database and a performance engine for MongoDB. TokuMX delivers support for ACID transactions without any changes to an application, 20x performance improvements and, on the compression side, a 90% reduction in database size. When databases get extremely large, this is a significant money saver, explained Coco Jaenicke, vice president of marketing, Tokutek, in an interview.

The TokuMX Enterprise Edition is a mission-critical enterprise application because it allows operations teams to back-up databases without having to bring it down, both enabling more uptime and making it easier to use.

The TokuMX is backed by a Tokutek subscription as well as the assistance necessary to support business-grade applications. This subscription offers tools and utilities, on-demand technical support. “Our customers and subscribers have a relationship with our engineers; they have visibility into the road map and have influence on the road map,” said Jaenicke.

TokuMX Enterprise Edition is available for free download with 30 days of support at www.tokutek.com/products/downloads/tokumx-ee-downloads/.