Analyst Views on Oracle Storage Products

IDC: Oracle Releases New Flagship ZS4-4 Appliance
A key differentiating strategy for Oracle has been to make its databases and applications perform the best on its own storage systems—with features that are enabled only when implemented as "Oracle on Oracle." Oracle has now upped the ante on this differentiation. ZS4-4 is Oracle’s flagship NAS appliance that it claims is "unbeatable" for high-throughput NAS workloads. 

DCIG: Oracle ZS4-4 Tops NetApp FAS8080 EX
The ZS4-4’s outstanding architectural design, storage efficiencies and co-engineering with Oracle software optimize Oracle Database performance and reduce storage capacity requirements in ways that the NetApp FAS8080 EX simply cannot match.

ESG: The New ZS4 is a Window into Oracle’s Soul
The ZS4…reveals insights into what one might call Oracle’s “soul” (or minimally, and less ethereally, its DNA) because it is essentially all about storage being optimized for use with Oracle's Database.

Wikibon: Oracle Continues Convergence of Storage and Database with ZS4
ZS4 is a significant upgrade from the ZS3. It has increased read/write performance (~+50%), increased bandwidth (~+75%), and increased integration with the Oracle Database stack and services, the “Red Stack.”

Taneja Group: App-Aware Storage Evolves: Oracle ZS4-4 NAS Sees 10,000+ DB Containers
Even without the amazing performance stats, the ZS4-4 is worth looking at in-depth to understand the evolution of how storage is going to increasingly get smarter about how to best serve downstream applications.

Taneja Group: Oracle FS1-High Performance Flash Storage for Enterprise SAN
The Oracle FS1 represents a great value for customers looking for both performance and capacity to support highly demanding business-critical applications. 
DCIG: Oracle Provides Enterprises a New Choice in Flash Storage Arrays 
The Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System provides enterprises with a highly available and scalable flash storage array that has features and functionality to meet the enterprises' near- and long-term needs.

Oracle FS1 Infowall
Speed queries by up to 5x and reduce storage requirements by up to 90% with the Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System.