Analyst Views on Oracle's FS-1 and ZS4-4 Storage Products

Taneja Group: Oracle FS1-High Performance Flash Storage for Enterprise SAN

The Oracle FS1 represents a great value for customers looking for both performance and capacity to support highly demanding business-critical applications. 

DCIG: Oracle Provides Enterprises a New Choice in Flash Storage Arrays 

The Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System provides enterprises with a highly available and scalable flash storage array that has features and functionality to meet the enterprises' near and long-term needs.

DCIG: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 Accelerates Oracle Database Backups and Restores vs. EMC Data Domain 9500

ZS4-4 provides enterprises for the first time with a multi-function solution that is co-engineered with Oracle Database to accelerate 

Oracle Database backups and restores while simultaneously minimizing storage costs and capacity when compared to EMC DD9500.