Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Adds New Capabilities for Deploying and Managing Private Clouds

The new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 release adds key enhancements and support that makes it easier to deploy and manage private clouds. In this release, Oracle provides new management features that optimize cloud resources for Database as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and introduces new capabilities for Testing as a Service. 

Database as a Service 

Administrators wanting to take advantage of consolidating and deploying their databases as cloud services now have new capabilities that increase the speed of delivery through Schema as a Service and fast database cloning.

  • Schema as a Service. Prevent database sprawl and lower costs by quickly consolidating multiple applications in the same database and offer logical slices of the database to cloud users such as, developers. Users request one or more schemas, with seed data, from the out-of-the-box self-service portal in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
  • Database cloning using RMAN backup. New capabilities for database cloning using RMAN backups can be done via the self-service portal. This allows cloud users who have not invested in storage cloning technologies to create full database clones with just a few clicks.
  • Database Snap Clone. Clone databases in a matter of minutes by leveraging the underlying Copy-on-Write technology offered by storage technologies, such as Netapp and ZFS Storage Appliance. Snap Clone allows administrators to provision copies of production systems very quickly into test environments.

Infrastructure as a Service

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c adds new support for building and managing Infrastructure as a Service clouds based on the latest Oracle VM 3.2.1 release. The new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c plug-in for Oracle Virtualization and Oracle Cloud make setting up a cloud infrastructure, deploying Oracle virtual assemblies and Oracle VM Templates easier.  Enhanced support for monitoring and managing the health of the cloud has also been added.  New, flexible storage allocation lets customers grow storage repositories as Oracle VM usage increases and resize repositories as needs change.

Testing as a Service

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c introduces Testing as a Service (TaaS), a new cloud platform for delivering automated application testing services. TaaS significantly reduces testing time and effort without compromising quality.  Organizations become more agile in delivering critical business applications to users while boosting tester’s productivity and lowering IT costs. New TaaS capabilities include:

  • Self-service and end-to-end orchestration of testing processes
  • Complete test lab provisioning and management
  • Secure test library with full access controls
  • Shared cloud hardware resource pooling with quota management
  • Resource metering and chargeback for compliance and reporting
  • Integrated application performance diagnostics and monitoring