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‘Cloud-First’ Almost the Norm

“Cloud-first” policies for application decisions are now common, now in force at two in five enterprises.

That’s the finding of a recent report from a leading analyst firm, which also predicts that 60% of workloads will run in some type of public or private cloud within 2 years. That’s not just new workloads, but all workloads. Currently, the firm estimates that 41% of workloads run in cloud settings.

While you may disagree with the actual numbers – many would argue that actual cloud workloads are but a small fraction compared to existing on-premises legacy assets in operation – there’s no doubt about the direction things are moving.

In addition, most of these workloads will be application-centric software as a service deployments, versus back-end infrastructure as a service or platform as a service. However, the same study predicts IaaS will see the fastest growth over the next 2 years.

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