IBM: Cyber Threats Get More Sophisticated

IBM unveiled the results from its 2010 end of year X-Force Trend and Risk Report, which marks a year where public and private organizations around the world faced increasingly sophisticated, targeted IT security threats. Disturbing trends include a jump in vulnerabilities and public exploits from 2009 to 2010, pointing to an expanding threat landscape where sophisticated attacks are launched against increasingly complex computing environments. There was an overall decline in phishing, but a growth in more targeted attacks - signifying that cyber criminals have become more focused on quality of attacks, rather than quantity. There has also been a shift in perception about cloud security, as cloud adoption evolves and knowledge around this emerging technology increases.

Unisphere Research also tracks information security in its ongoing survey work, finding that most companies don't take proactive measures to shield sensitive data from internal breaches, and data managers are increasingly concerned about data security within private clouds.

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