IBM Seeks to Capture Data All Around Us

Between RFID and GPS and cell technology, there is data streaming in from every corner of the globe. But organizations only can capture a small fraction of the information that may help them better leverage new opportunities. To help create new systems to meet this challenge, IBM announced a new software development kit to expand the ability of organizations to harness sensors and digital devices to design and build intelligent products and systems.  The software, available as a free download, aims to increase the global adoption of wireless sensor networks by making them easier to program and use. "Sensor networks are instrumental in creating a Smarter Planet, so it is critical to make them easy to program," according to Thorsten Kramp, computer scientist at IBM Research. "We invented Mote Runner to enable developers to take advantage of the skills they have and apply them to programming wireless sensor networks. This should proliferate the use of sensor networks around the world." Of course, the question is, can our current processors and storage systems handle all this new data?

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