In the Digital Age, Performance isn’t Everything - It’s the Only Thing

As organizations rely on IT for everything from customer purchasing to company lunchroom management, everything needs to be up and running 24x7, flawlessly.

That’s why to IT managers, performance is everything, writes Gerardo Dada in Database Trends and Applications. That means “uptime is no longer the key metric for how you measure quality of work; instead, uptime is assumed.”

Thus, IT managers need to up their performance game, he advocates. “The questions become: How fast can you make the system work? How often do the teams talk about performance? What tools do you have to understand and improve performance? Be proactive.”

Dada also recommends deeper performance analytics as well. “The focus must shift from simple resource metrics to time—the time spent on every process, query, wait state and contribution to time from storage (I/O and latency), networking, and other components supporting the database and the application.”