Mainframe Tops in Security, Survey Reaffirms

Compuware has released a survey of large company CIOs showing that most (78%) say their mainframe is more secure than other systems. However, the majority (84%) say they are still exposed to a significant risk of insider threats due to blind-spots in internal data access and controls.

The survey also found that 64% of organizations use the mainframe as a core repository of their most sensitive data, storing either more or equal amounts of customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) there as they do on other systems.

However, 84% of organizations said they have a “blind spot” concerning what mainframe data is being accessed and how it’s being used.

The same number also find it difficult to track who has accessed data stored on the mainframe, exposing them to an increased risk of insider threats. To stay on top of all the trends, subscribe to Database Trends and Applications magazine