More and More of Today’s Students Getting Mainframe Exposure

There's a conventional wisdom out there that states that members of today's internet-bred generation wouldn't know a mainframe if they tripped over one-which portends difficult staffing challenges in the years ahead. However, IBM just announced that its mainframe skills program at universities and colleges has grown 25-fold since its inception in 2004. The vendor says its multi-million-dollar program to help colleges, universities, and high schools build students' mainframe computer skills has surpassed 600 schools worldwide. Since the program's inception in 2004 with 24 colleges from the United States, the System z Academic Initiative now reaches students in 61 countries. In addition to university collaborations, IBM has established enterprise computing summer and employee training programs with System z customers, such as Citigroup and Bank of America. Programs such as these demonstrate there is a not only a demand for mainframe skills, but a new generation is stepping up to the plate to fill these needs.

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