The Wrong Ways to Handle Growing Data Center Workloads

We all know the mainframe can handle any load thrown at it. But what if there are no mainframes available, and standard x86 boxes are being choked by video files, blogs, wikis, and all other manner of Web 2.0 and cloud applications? Dr. John Busch, CEO, president and co-founder of Schooner Information Technology, advises three approaches to handling the new workloads being imposed by cloud and Web 2.0 computing. The typical responses to performance issues - multi-core processors, flash memory, and high-performance interconnects - can help address some local performance gaps, but, ultimately, "adapting them to realize such benefits requires major engineering and research efforts." Busch advises moving to "higher-level" building clocks that take a more architectural approach to performance issues. He recently discussed this challenge in detail in Database Trends and Applications magazine.

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