Why the Mainframe Continues to be IBM’s Money Machine

The latest IBM quarterly results (for Q3 2015), show that the mainframe continues to be a leading revenue producer for Big Blue.

The reasons for this are evident, according to a new survey of mainframe sites conducted by our friends at BMC, which shows that security, availability, a superior data server, and transactional throughput are the primary drivers for the continued increase in mainframe capacity, which is especially timely as the digital economy increasingly runs on transactions.

Security was the largest factor for continued investment in the mainframe with 56% responding that they see the security strengths of the platform as an advantage. This was followed closely by availability, as 55% of respondents leverage the mainframe's availability benefits.

Another notable data point this year is 48% of customers are continuing their investment because of the mainframe's centralized data server capability, and 45% said their transaction throughput requirements are best suited to the mainframe.

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