Will Governments Push Harder on Green IT?

An independent survey of senior data center professionals from across Europe by Digital Realty Trust, a wholesale data center provider, reveals heightened concerns about government regulation of the data center industry. Nearly 70% of companies surveyed report that they are extremely concerned or very concerned with the potential impact of "green" regulations on data centers. The study also finds that 60% of surveyed companies now already have green data center strategies in place, and 69% are looking at carbon credits as part of this strategy. Over half, 57%, even feel there is now a clear definition of what constitutes a "green" data center, which includes an emphasis on energy efficiency, as well as compliance with ISO 14001 and Green Grid standards. While the current survey focuses on European data centers, it may only be a matter of time before North American data centers also start to feel the pressure of regulatory mandates in this area.

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