Best Analytical Platform (Overall)

There is more data available to organizations than ever before, but the goal remains the same – to unlock nuggets of gold, the useful information that will result in competitive advantage for the organization, allowing it to react to customer’s needs with lightning speed, uncover new opportunities,  and act fast to counter competitive threats.

However, according to recent study conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., among members of the Independent Oracle Users Group, finds that in a world that increasingly requires immediate insights, decision making continues to be hampered by incomplete and sluggish information. Less than adequate performance, data locked in silos, and lethargic response times are holding back organizations from reaching their potential.

According to the survey, 29% of respondents day that 100GB of data is moved to their analytical systems on a daily basis while 26% indicate that anywhere between 100GB and 1TB of data is moved. And another 10% move volumes of data that scale into the hundreds of terabytes to their analytical systems on a daily basis.

The study, sponsored by Oracle, find that the advancements in the cloud and big data, as well as the need to provide information at real time speeds, organizations are increasingly taking a good look at newer ways to support analytics for their companies. Two approaches cloud, and in-memory databases - often used together - are some of the approaches that organizations are taking to bring enterprises closer to the real-time enterprises they hope to become. 

Data warehouses are also undergoing shifts today, with one-third of respondents stating that they have deployed data warehouse appliances, or are using cloud-based data warehouse service

Fortunately, vendors are working hard to provide the solutions to enable analytics on larger volumes of information, leveraging capabilities such as machine learning, predictive modeling, visualizations, data analysis and mining, model building, scoring and deployment - either on premises within the enterprise walls or through services accessed in the cloud. 





Oracle Database 12c

Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse 

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The rapid expansion of The IT market shows no signs of abating. The growth of data in all its forms—from traditional data sources and newer sources such as social media and connected devices—is driving swift innovation. To address the need to secure, integrate, and draw meaningful insights from all this data, a steady flow of products and services, as well as new features to long-established offerings, continues to emerge.

Posted August 03, 2016