Best Analytical Platform (Overall)

The need to compete on analytics has emerged as a strong force in recent years, fueling the adoption of innovative technologies. Today, analytical platforms take many forms and make use of many technologies, with Hadoop and cloud at cutting edge. 

With new and varied sources of data, including unstructured human-generated data from sources such as social media and weblogs, to IoT data coming from sensors, machines and user devices, a radical shift is taking place in the the world of business and analytics.

Fortunately, however, despite the greater challenges of exploiting this wide assortment of data, there are more options than ever for deploying big data statistics, machine learning capabilities, predictive modeling, visualizations, data analysis and mining, model building, scoring and deployment - either on premises within the enterprise walls or through services accessed in the cloud. 

According to a recent DBTA Quick Poll on New Database Technologies (April 2014), analytics and business intelligence were cited as the leading driver for adoption across all new database types. This was led by 62% of cloud database adopters, 61% of NoSQL sites, 58% of in-memory users, and 55% of Hadoop implementations.

Here are the winners of the 2014 DBTA Readers' Choice Awards for Best Analytical Platform (Overall):

Winner: Cloudera

Tom ReillyWinners' Circle by Tom Reilly, CEO

As organizations look to take Hadoop from sandbox projects to production deployments, the number of options available to do so greatly narrows. Hadoop, like any other data management solution, needs to include capabilities for security, governance and management among other things. Cloudera offers the only compliance-ready Hadoop distribution with security and encryption built inat the core, zero downtime administration through Cloudera Manager, and a dedicated customer support team to ensure customer success ... read on.  



Amazon Web Services


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Posted August 27, 2014