Best Big Data Solution

Everyone knows the three Vs - volume, velocity, and variety - of big data but what’s required is a solution that can extract valuable insights from new sources such as social networks email, sensors, connected devices as sensors, the web, and smartphones.

Addressing the three Vs are the combined forces of open source, with its rapid crowd-sourced innovation, cloud, with its unlimited capacity and on-demand deployment options, and NoSQL database technologies, with their ability to handle unstructured, or schema-less, data.

One of the most promising big data frameworks is Apache Hadoop, with organizations creating a flourishing and robust ecosystem around the solution.

Hadoop at the core of any system allows diverse users and application workloads to pool data on common infrastructure; offers a variety of security tools; governs data auditing, linage and discovery; manages native high-availability, fault-tolerance and self-healing storage, automated backup and disaster recovery, and advanced system and data management; and utilizes open source technology to ensure data and applications remain tied to the user.

Here are the winners of the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Big Data Solution:




Teradata Aster

Oracle Database 12c

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The rapid expansion of The IT market shows no signs of abating. The growth of data in all its forms—from traditional data sources and newer sources such as social media and connected devices—is driving swift innovation. To address the need to secure, integrate, and draw meaningful insights from all this data, a steady flow of products and services, as well as new features to long-established offerings, continues to emerge.

Posted August 03, 2016