Best Data Governance Solution

Effective data governance improves the usability, integrity, and security of enterprise data. As organizations gather, store, and access increasing volumes of data, strong data governance allows them to have confidence in the quality of that data for a variety of tasks as well adhere to security and privacy standards.

However, companies can get caught up on establishing standards and practices, according to Anne Buff, business solutions manager for SAS best practices at the SAS Institute. They should not be the focus of data governance; they should be the byproduct of creating a framework and program that support the needs of the business across the entire company within specific contexts of data use, she said.

Strong data governance solutions support data quality, protect sensitive data, promote effective sharing of information, and help manage information through its lifecycle from creation to deletion with adherence to regulatory and government requirements.

Here are the winners of the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Data Governance Solution:


BackOffice Associates Data Stewardship Platform


Winners' Circle by Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy Officer, BackOffice Associates

It is a great honor to accept DBTA’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Data Governance Solution for the second year in a row. Our mission at BackOffice Associates is to help Global 2000 organizations utilize data stewardship and holistic information governance solutions to set, execute and enforce key data policies across their entire data and systems landscape. Our Data Stewardship Platform (DSP) automates and orchestrates ... read on.


IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Management

Informatica Solution for Data Governance

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Posted August 03, 2016