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Best Data Storage Solution

According to an IDC report, the Global Datasphere will grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175ZB by 2025. There are three primary locations where digitization is happening and where digital content is created, says IDC: “the core (traditional and cloud data centers), the edge (enterprise-hardened infrastructure like cell towers and branch offices), and the endpoints (PCs, smart phones, and IoT devices). ”To keep up with the storage demands stemming from all this data creation, IDC forecasts that over 22ZB of storage capacity must ship across all media types from 2018 to 2025."

Cloud providers are now a “serious contender for enterprise data storage and services,” according to the IDC report which notes that the largest cloud storage providers have a combination of resources, scale, security, and performance that few enterprises can equal.

Having the right data storage solutions, whether on prem or in the cloud, is critical as data volumes explode.

Best Data Storage Solution

Microsoft Azure Storage


Amazon Simple Storage

Quest QoreStor