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Best Database Backup Solution

With long downtimes simply unacceptable today, organizations seek solutions with capabilities such as the ability to manage backups seamlessly, manage and monitor backups, ensure data integrity, scale efficiently, restore quickly to any point in time, and provide security features to stay in compliance with local geographic and industry mandates.

Database backups and restores are key to developing a secure environment for users' information. A trusted backup plan is a requirement for on-premise and cloud instances.

Best-in-class solutions should offer faster backup and save space via dynamic compression with encryption, the choice of multiple options for recovery, ensure organizational compliance via policy-based management, reduce failures due to temporary network problems, view issues in the dashboard, receive alerts and create reports, and backup and restore SQL Server in the cloud.

Best Database Backup Solution

IDERA SQL Safe Backup


Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server

Percona XtraBackup