Best Query and Reporting Solution

Query and reporting solutions are part of a comprehensive business intelligence approach in every organization.

As long as enterprises need to gather data, BI groups look to utilize query and report programs as primary applications that produce output from information systems.

Query and reporting solutions have increasingly added: visualization approaches to make data patterns stand out more starkly, self-service capabilities so users can get what the answers they need without involving IT, support for the ability to quickly share insights and reports with other users, capabilities to query on an ad hoc basis, and real time capabilities to provide actionable information to users when it can make a difference.

The best query tool provides data access, filtering, and simple formatting.  Reporting tools provide an environment that enables enterprises to create sophisticated layouts that focus on formatting the data retrieved by the database query.

Here are the winners of the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Query and Reporting Solution:




Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

TIBCO Jaspersoft

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Posted August 03, 2016