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Product Spotlight: Denodo Express

Paul Moxon,

Paul Moxon,
Senior Director, Product Management

Denodo Express

Data virtualization is a hot topic and more and more software companies are jumping onto the bandwagon and claiming that they provide Data Virtualization capabilities. The result has been a lot of hype and confusion about the definition and capacity of Data Virtualization. This dilution has therefore made it difficult for data management and integration professionals to understand the benefits—and potential pitfalls—of using Data Virtualization. How can these professionals cut through the hype and confusion and understand what Data Virtualization is and what it can do for them? How can theyidentify if Data Virtualization is right for their project?

This is where Denodo Express comes in—it’s a fully functional Data Virtualization platform with nearly all of the capabilities that you will find in its big sibling—the enterprise scale Denodo Platform—and it’s free. Denodo Express is free to download and it’s free to use. It’s not a trial or a time-limited evaluation product. Use it to educate yourself, or for a pilot project or proof of concept, or even for smaller departmental projects. Denodo Express is built on the same technology as the Denodo Platform and supports advanced query optimization, intelligent caching, data discovery, and data governance. Our platform helps to decouple front-end applications from back-end systems, facilitate data provisioning, system migrations, and the reusability of data services for different enterprise uses. Without doubt, Denodo Express is the best place to start learning about Denodo Data Virtualization and how it works.

With the growing volumes of data being captured every day—something that will only accelerate with the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and more and more connected devices—the traditional data integration approach of replicating data to a central repository is no longer viable. Data Virtualization will be an essential part of your information architecture. With Denodo Express, it’s time to stop reading whitepapers and watching videos about Data Virtualization and start doing it yourself.

Download Denodo Express today.