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The 2019 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards Winners

Each year, Database Trends and Applications presents the Readers’ Choice Awards, providing a unique opportunity to recognize companies whose products are selected by experts whose opinions carry more weight than any others—you, the readers. Whether well-known with market-leading positions established over many years, or more recent entries to the data management space, these solutions and services have emerged to address customers’ evolving needs.

champagne bottleToday, enterprises around the globe are focused on becoming data-driven in order to provide better service to their customers, make processes more efficient, arrive at decisions faster, and avoid risk. But they are also challenged by more data than ever before coming in from more data sources, including on-premise facilities, the cloud, the edge, and a multitude of devices. They need to not simply ingest and store all this data but also deliver real-time data and insights, while addressing requirements for data quality, governance, and security. 

The best solutions to address data driven strategies are different for each organization. There are many factors that go into a decision to investigate a product. Hearing about a solution or service from a business partner or colleague—or a fellow DBTA reader is helpful.

There were 28 categories in which products could be nominated and then voted upon.  Representative of the IT market itself, the categories were wide-ranging and diverse with well-established segments such as relational database management, MultiValue, and data integration but also more recently developed areas, including cognitive computing, NoSQL, and IoT.

Here we present the top three vote-getters in each category. Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who submitted nominations and voted!

Best BI Solution
Best Big Data Platform 
Best CDC Solution 
Best Cloud Database 
Best Cloud Solution 
Best Cognitive Solution 
Best Data Analytics Solution 
Best Data Governance Solution 
Best Data Integration Solution 
Best Data Modeling Solution 
Best Data Quality Solution 
Best Data Replication Solution 
Best Data Security Solution 
Best Data Storage Solution 
Best Data Virtualization Solution
Best Data Visualization Solution
Best Database Backup Solution
Best Database Development Solution
Best Database Overall
Best Database Performance Solution
Best DBA Solution
Best Hadoop Solution
Best In-Memory Solution
Best IoT Solution
Best MultiValue Database
Best NoSQL Database
Best Relational Database
Best Streaming Solution