Trend-Setting Products: CA ERWIN®

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Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing

Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing

CA Technologies

As a leader in the data modeling space, CA ERwin is privileged to be an integral part of organizations’ key strategic initiatives such as business intelligence and analytics, data governance, or data quality—many of which revolve around data. At CA Technologies, we understand that data runs your busi¬ness, and we’ve put a strong focus on developing a solution that can act as an “information hub” for these initiatives.

Changing Times, Changing Technologies
A strength of the CA ERwin solution is our support for a broad range of data platforms—from relational data¬bases like Oracle, DB2, Teradata, or MS SQL Azure in the Cloud to Big Data platforms based on Hadoop or Google Big Query. Organizations typically come to us for a compre¬hensive vision of their information infrastructure, regard¬less of platform. While in the past, many architecture teams focused primarily on relational databases, new technology such as Big Data has required an evolution in the industry. CA ERwin has kept pace with these changes, providing sup¬port for both traditional and emerging technologies.

New Roles, New Audiences
As more data-centric initiatives are at the forefront of organizational priorities, business executives are putting an increased focused on data. While this increased interest is positive, it has required a change in the way we commu¬nicate to these new, non-IT roles, and we’ve added a wide-range of business-friendly interfaces to the tool. Our goal is to provide a flexible solution to manage diverse data plat¬forms for a diverse set of users.
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