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Data Summit 2016

May 9-11, 2016 New York Hilton Midtown, New York, NY 

Data Summit offers a comprehensive educational experience designed to guide you through all of the key issues in data management and analysis today. This 2-day event brings together IT managers, data architects, application developers, data analysts, project managers, and business managers for an intense immersion into the key technologies and strategies for becoming a data-informed business. Not only will you have the opportunity to hear and speak to industry-leading professionals, you'll be able to networks with peers that have either been where you are or are headed in a similar direction. Attend to Data Summit to accelerate your Big Data education!

Data Summit


June 7 - 8, 2016 Hilton San Francisco Union Square (333 O’Farrell St, San Francisco)

Spark is the largest open source community in big data with over 500 contributors from 200+ organizations. Four of the biggest tech giants - Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Baidu - will be keynoting/speaking at Spark Summit 2016 in San Francisco on June 7-8 to talk about how they are use Spark to power their latest products. 

June 22 - 23, 2016 San Francisco, CA

Getting Billions of Devices to Work for You Bringing businesses and consumers online means an influx of data that requires a change in thinking and corporate culture. Get ready to change your thinking and business models at Structure Connect. For more information or to register, click here: and get $50 with code DBTA

June 23, 2016 Denver, CO

This is a no charge, one day, technical event which will feature:

  • Breakfast and coffee with time to network
  • Session 1: EDA (External Database Access)/Replication - Manage and load MultiValue data directly into external data tables such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2®. Then, incorporate file replication to provide real time data that triggers updates to your non-MultiValue external applications and powers reporting.
  • Session 2: Rocket Discover for MultiValue - Empower your business users, from Line Managers to Executives, to make informed decisions based on the analysis and discovery of self-service information. Our new Business Intelligence solution provides insights into the business that would have been previously difficult and untimely to accomplish.
  • Lunch
  • Session 3: RESTful Web Services – Use Rocket tools to generate web services that directly access your MultiValue data and business logic, allowing you to easily power mobile and web apps.
  • Session 4: Rocket Mobile for MultiValue - Learn about the process of building and deploying a complete mobile application that leverages MultiValue data sources, allowing you to take your core application mobile

All day: certification opportunities for U2 and D3

July 18 - 20, 2016 Boston, MA

At TDWI Accelerate, data professionals will learn best practices and skills to help reach their analytics goals more quickly; including techniques for gaining insights from their data and democratizing analytics to drive business value, enhance operations, and enrich customer experiences. Accelerate focuses on these key areas of analytics:

  • Self-service analytics and data visualization—the language of images, data storytelling, democratization, and data preparation
  • Advanced analytics and data science—predictive analytics, data mining, tool selection, Internet of Things, advanced algorithms, cognitive analytics, and more
  • Analytical organization and leadership—organizing and building teams for success, developing an analytics culture, and making it happen

Participants will attend case study presentations, expert sessions, panel discussions, half-day courses, a broad range of structured and unstructured networking opportunities, and survey the latest analytics technologies.

Three keynote speakers cover some of the most important topics in analytics today. Wayne Eckerson, director of research and principal consultant, Eckerson Group LLC, and author of Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders, will speak on “The BI Power Shift: Creating a Shared Organization.” Kirk Borne, principal data scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton, will discuss “Data Trek - The Expanding Universe of Data Science.” Jennifer Shin, founder and chief data scientist, 8 Path Solutions LLC, will explore how to “Empower Your Visualizations.”

Conference attendees who register by May 27, 2016, are eligible for a special discount of up to $675.

August 18 - 19, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (888) 742-2454 USA/CAN +1 (281) 667-4200 Option 3

Transform Data Into Goal-Driven Insight
This two-day intensive course will prepare functional managers and business practitioners to finally make sense of data analytics and take control of the analytic process. “Data Analytics for Action & Impact” develops core skills for business analytics and lays the foundation for data-intensive analytic projects that deliver insight, clarity, confidence and actionable decision support.

Attend an Upcoming Event to Obtain These Key Skills Immediately

· Focus on core analytic issues, strategies, methods and techniques most appropriate for organizational decision making

· Understand in plain English what the algorithms do, and how true descriptive analytics relate to decision support

· Classify the four major types of analysis projects and match the best suited analytic methods

· Unify project teams – from statisticians to leadership – in order to establish a common strategy, framework and process for greater coordination, efficiency, clarity and impact:

o For analysts to obtain clear direction on analytic goals and delivery requirements

o For leadership to better understand and trust what the analyst delivers

· Implement a six-phase methodology for evaluating and validating business insights

· Establish a solid foundation for more advanced analytic practices such as predictive modeling and data mining

Course Details, Schedule, Pricing & Secure Registration
destionationCRM subscribers may enjoy substantial savings with early registration and group attendance. Class seating is limited. Don't miss your chance to attend. Review full course details, then reserve your space today:

August 22 - 26, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (888) 742-2454 USA/CAN +1 (281) 667-4200 Option 3

Time To Get It Right. We Can Show You How.

Successful analytics in the big data era does not start with data and software. It starts with immersive hands-on training and goal-driven strategy. The Modeling Agency’s analytic courseware spans all skill levels and analytic team roles. Leadership and practitioners will collaborate more effectively to arrive at actionable results with measurable impact.

Attend an upcoming event to obtain these key skills immediately:

· Plan and prepare your predictive modeling projects effectively from the start
· Identify, qualify and prioritize viable and actionable analytic opportunities
· Establish a standardized model development process to implement across your team
· Acquire the rare blend of tactical and strategic skills to really stand out in the analytics field
· Take an incremental low-risk / high-impact approach to model development with vendor-neutral tool exposure

Now is the time to advance your analytic maturity and transform your glut of customer data into actionable information assets. Learn more about The Modeling Agency’s courseware and register for an upcoming event.

Training Schedule
View The Modeling Agency’s training schedule with links to the full course details for each production. Also reference the course series overview to understand the focus and orientation of each independent course, and how they may be taken as a progression. Class seating is limited and early registration discounts are available. Reserve your space today:

Live Webinar
Not yet ready for public training, or you'd like a preview before registering? Sign up for the next production of TMA's "Data Mining: Failure to Launch” – a free webinar presented by TMA's president and two senior consultants on how to get predictive modeling off the ground and into orbit. Reference webinar details and sign up at:

August 29 - 31, 2016 Las Vagas, Nevada

Join the industry’s top thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals for four full days of innovation to accelerate your journey to a software-defined business.

Early-bird pricing is available until June 6, so register today to lock in the best rates!

September 18 - 22, 2016 San Francisco, CA

Oracle Open World is routinely one of the largest conferences for Big Data, IT management, and business decision makers. Thousands of attendees gather to learn and network over five days of exhibitions and showcases. 2015’s Oracle Open World concluded on October 29 as another successful event.  Registration is now available for 2016.  

September 26 - 29, 2016 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

NetApp Insight is NetApp’s annual technical conference for storage and data management professionals. It gives customers, engineers, consultants and partners a forum for learning from industry experts and each other.

Choose from nearly 300 technical sessions, participate in the self-paced Hands-On Lab, earn NetApp Certifications at no cost, and see exciting new technology in action at the solutions expo: Insight Central. In addition, you can meet the SolidFire team and get a close look at their innovative technology.

September 27 - 28, 2016 San Francisco, CA

In a hyper-connected world, the health of the digital economy depends more than ever on the security tactics and strategies that protect our networks. Structure Security will highlight the best practices that security professionals are using to protect some of the world’s largest companies and institutions, and examine the future of security products, services, and the threats that aim to take them down.

At Structure Security we’ll explore…

  • How to plan for the skills gap that makes it difficult for small and medium-size businesses to protect their assets.
  • The current shape of the threat landscape and how that will evolve in the future
  • How the shift to cloud computing is changing the way security products and services are bought and sold
  • The roles that the federal government should — and shouldn’t — play in helping businesses secure their networks
  • Why penetration testing and security audits are not enough
  • How social engineering tactics remain the biggest threat to your organization — and how to fight back

 Find out more here:

September 27 - 29, 2016 Jacob Javits Center, NY, NY

In 2014, O'Reilly and Cloudera joined forces to merge Hadoop World with Strata Conference. The data industry is growing fast, and Strata + Hadoop World has grown right along with it.  The conference added new sessions and tracks to reflect challenges that have emerged in the data field—including security, ubiquitous computing, collaboration, reproducibility, new interfaces, emerging architecture, building data teams, machine data—and much more.

October 25 - 28, 2016 Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, Washington

PASS Summit is the world's largest and most intensive technical training conference for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals. But more than that, it's your conference - planned and presented by the SQL Server community for the SQL Server community. Join us and get the top-notch training, technical tips and tricks, and networking and connections you need to take your SQL Server skills to the next level.