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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
November 27, 2013

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Temenos, a provider of solutions to the financial services industry, has announced that Arab Investment Bank - Egypt (AIBK) has selected T24, Temenos' core banking system to support its expansion plans. Since 2000, T24 has shipped exclusively with integrated jBASE One of the prerequisites for the Temenos T24 banking application is the jBASE open connectivity technology integrated with the banking functionality and coupled with an open database such as Oracle, IBM's DB2, Microsoft's SQL Server or jBASE, which provides clients with options in terms of future direction.

The first major release of Rocket Software's UniVerse Database in two years, UniVerse 11.2 provides enhancements targeted at two main groups of constituents - partners who are writing their software on top of UniVerse and end users. UniVerse, which was launched more than 25 years ago, is used heavily in the banking, retail, travel, healthcare, government, and oil & gas sectors, observed Dan McGrath, managing director for research and development, U2 Servers, at Rocket Software.

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development, has completed the implemented of Entrinsik's Informer reporting and BI software in order to order to better track, understand and manage its SugarCRM data.