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Five Minute Briefing - Oracle
August 17, 2016

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News Flashes

As IT decision making moves out of the IT department and into the functional areas of organizations, partnerships and collaboration become even more critical. According to an article in strategy+business on why CEOs must become more technology savvy, "the majority of technology spending (68%) is now coming from budgets outside of IT, a significant increase from 47% in 2014." What this means is that many critical technology decisions are being made without the consultation of IT professionals.

The size and complexity of database environments is pushing IT resources at most organizations to the limit. This reduces agility and increases costs and challenges associated with maintaining the performance and availability of these on demand services. To address these concerns, many IT departments are looking for ways to automate routine tasks and consolidate databases.

Velostrata, a provider of cloud workload mobility, announced a new flagship solution with new capabilities for easing cloud migration projects. Velostrata 2.0 comes with additional support for Microsoft Azure, complementing existing AWS support and providing multi-cloud flexibility and anti lock-in.

Think About It

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of the IT landscape these days, and the ability to audit database activities showing who did what to which data when is a specific requirement of many industry and governmental regulations. There are six primary methods that can be used to accomplish database auditing.

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