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Five Minute Briefing - Oracle
June 21, 2017

Published in conjunction with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), this bi-weekly publication contains news, market research, insight for the Oracle ecosystem, as well as IOUG news and information. Subscribers also receive IOUG ResearchWire, a bi-monthly reseach report for the Oracle community.

News Flashes

Boxever, which provides an artificial intelligence-based personalization platform for B2C companies, has announced its partnership with the Oracle Marketing AppCloud, and the availability of Boxover's Customer Intelligence Cloud on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Boxover, which is also a Silver level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, offers AI and data analytics capabilities to help marketers improve personalization.

Oracle has expanded the Oracle Cloud Platform's integration offerings with the availability of the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service.

Quest Software, a systems management and security software provider, has announced general availability of SharePlex v9, the latest release of the company's replication and real-time data integration solution. With version 9, SharePlex enables customers to replicate data from both Oracle and SQL Server to more target databases both on-premises and in the cloud.

Think About It

There are two types of businesses in the world today: those that run on data and those that will run on data. Data security now sits at the top of nearly every organization's priority list. But with such a high volume of data coming into most businesses every day, how can information security professionals quickly identify which data is the highest priority for protection? After all, security costs time and money, and not all types of data are as sensitive or vulnerable as others.

IOUG News and Information

Are you in the cloud yet? IOUG Press is looking for authors to write on Oracle Database in the cloud.

Did you know that IOUG members receive discounts of 40% off on all IOUG Press books? IOUG Press is a cooperative publishing arrangement between Apress and the Independent Oracle User Group designed to give you the very best in detailed, need-to-know information for the Oracle professional.

IOUG offers webcasts on a range of topics including big data, security, cloud, and many more.

IT organizations face huge challenges with data management performance, capacity and cost due to exponential growth of data. To optimize Oracle Database Storage, SELECT contributor Kai Yu says implementing a tiered storage solution is a great option.

Oracle provides informational resources, including educational events, webcasts, and white papers.

Books, manuals, articles and studies are great, and IOUG has more than 3,000 of them for you, but sometimes there's no substitute for getting together and working it out in person.