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July 2019

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Trends and Applications

Done properly, migrating to the cloud takes skilled staff to re-architect systems and applications, significant planning to ensure a successful migration, and a well-executed security strategy. However, many enterprises started migrating to the cloud sooner (or migrated faster) than they even realized—through a rogue marketing department deploying a cloud lead tracking application, a finance group that stood up a cloud-based accounting service—or others that IT may not have vetted, secured, procured, and continuously monitored. Most enterprises have scores of these "shadow cloud" applications deployed with little-to-no planning, strategy, or skilled technical staff involved, posing risk to the organization.

Ransomware attacks faded from the headlines after the notorious WannaCry outbreak in 2017 and the frequency of attacks declined in 2018. And yet, with ransomware threats seemingly in the rearview mirror, cybersecurity experts and the Information Security Forum's 2018 Global Security Threat Outlook are suddenly forecasting a major resurgence of ransomware this year.

Nearly every week of 2018 featured headlines of a new cyberattack on companies that people trust with their data, such as Marriott and Facebook. In years past, the biggest concern for companies was being hit with hefty fines, but now, they risk reputation damage if they breach compliance mandates and regulations when they are attacked.

Everyone leaves an employer at some point. Better opportunities, reduction in workforce actions, termination, or management issues can all result in an employee departure. No matter the reason, everyone eventually leaves the company they work for.

MV Community

Evoke is releasing the final phase of its multiple developer system to its low-code Rapid App Development Platform, supporting a group of developers working on the same app at the same time. It is designed to maintain the integrity of the project by monitoring the development efforts of various developers, controlling the acceptance of these developments in to base projects, and maintaining version control of the project as a whole and that of the individual developer's sub-projects.