Data Warehousing

Hardware and software that support the efficient consolidation of data from multiple sources in a Data Warehouse for Reporting and Analytics include ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), CDC (Change Data Capture), Data Replication, Data Deduplication, Compression, Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and MapReduce, and Data Warehouse Appliances.

Data Warehousing Articles

Discussing their data mesh strategies in DBTA's webinar, "The Road to Data Mesh: BlaBlaCar's Journey to Self-Serve Data Analytics," experts at BlaBlaCar, moderated by Neil Gleeson, customer success at Monte Carlo, explained how they crafted their data mesh to be conducive to both reliability and domain-oriented data ownership, while focusing on their organizational use cases and knowledge needs.

Posted February 22, 2023

Medius Sverige AB, a provider of AP automation, announced that its Medius Spend Management solution has achieved SAP certification for integration with RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. The integration helps organizations enjoy an autonomous solution to capture and digitize invoices, automatic invoice coding and approval routing using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, with mobile capability to review and approve invoices and payments on the go.

Posted February 22, 2023

SAP and Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open source solutions, is expanding their partnership to significantly increase SAP's use of and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This collaboration aims to enhance intelligent business operations, support cloud transformation across industries, and drive holistic IT innovation, according to the vendors.

Posted February 22, 2023

In 2023, companies will live and die by their data strategies. Massive increases in information generation, the cloud, and innovative technologies will be top of mind for database managers, all while an uncertain economy continually threatens budgets. For companies to build and maintain exciting applications that customers love while increasing the bottom line, they need to plan, adapt, and execute effective strategies for their data and databases.

Posted February 22, 2023

Next Pathway Inc., the automated cloud migration company, is announcing SHIFT Cloud's SaaS offering on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, extending its automatic code translation product reach.

Posted February 15, 2023

dbt Labs, a provider of analytics engineering, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Transform, the innovator behind the modern data stack's semantic layer, enabling dbt Labs to accelerate development of the dbt Semantic Layer to provide greater flexibility to organizations of all sizes seeking metric consistency across their stack.

Posted February 14, 2023

DBTA recently held a webinar, "Top Trends in Modern Data Architecture for 2023," to discuss the new technologies and approaches for cultivating an excelsior data architecture that holistically addresses the myriad of modern data architecture needs.

Posted February 13, 2023

Starburst, the analytics anywhere company, is unveiling the latest updates to its platform targeted toward increasing performance speeds while simultaneously making data more easily consumable, accessible, and discoverable.

Posted February 13, 2023

DBTA held a webinar, "Building a Next-Generation Data Architecture: Key Capabilities and Strategies," to uncover the ways in which IT decision-makers and data processionals pilot their data architectures to best maintain a market edge in the thick of infrastructure complexity.

Posted February 09, 2023

Observability by definition is a measure of how well internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs. In other words, a system's behavior is determined from its outputs—information obtained by certain measures. Though observability as a term has been used for many years, the modern understanding originates in software observability, which is the ability to collect data about program execution, internal states of modules, and communication between components.

Posted February 09, 2023

While the emerging constellation of next-generation data architectures—fabric, mesh, and cloud—is extremely appealing, it's still full of unknowns. ­These approaches present opportunities for greater data democratization, but also increased complexity. Understanding the distinctions between data fabric and mesh are also important before moving to this architecture.

Posted February 09, 2023

Data analytics—and the people who make it happen—has emerged as the centerpiece of enterprises as they advance through the turbulent months ahead. Many of these eff­orts are gelling around the formation of dedicated C-level leaders, such as chief data officers and chief data analytics officers (CDOs and CDAOs, respectively).

Posted February 09, 2023

It's time to submit nominations for the annual Database Trends and Applications Readers' Choice Awards, a competition in which the winning information management solutions, products, and services are selected by you, the users.

Posted February 09, 2023

Cloudian, provider of data management software for the hybrid cloud, is announcing availability of its Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers on the AWS Marketplace.

Posted February 08, 2023

KX, maker of kdb+, and EnterpriseWeb, a provider of telecom virtualization and automation solutions, are partnering to deliver network observability and automation solutions for performance-critical systems. Bringing together highly complementary technologies, KX and EnterpriseWeb offer an incredibly flexible and powerful closed-loop control mechanism that can be deployed on any system or distributed network, according to the vendors.

Posted January 26, 2023

Ensono, an expert technology advisor, innovation partner, and managed service provider, is releasing Ensono Envision Advisor, a multi-platform optimization solution combining data and guidance from certified expert engineers who offer unbiased actionable advice that enables optimization of a client's IT estate across cost, security, performance, availability, and reliability.

Posted January 26, 2023

Forward Networks announced that it has secured $50 million in Series D funding, enabling the company to continue investing in its digital twin network modeling software that delivers security, reliability, and agility to large enterprise networks. The funding round, led by MSD Partners, L.P., includes new investors Section 32 and Omega Venture Partners as well as existing investors Goldman Sachs Asset Management (Goldman Sachs), Threshold Ventures, A. Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz. Additionally, Victor Hwang, managing director and co-head of MSD Growth, joins the Forward Networks board of directors.

Posted January 25, 2023

SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to accelerate digital transformation to support their customers, building on the success of their longstanding partnership. The collaboration brings together the technology, solutions, and flexibility that customers need to help them succeed in the digital economy, according to the vendors. The companies have had a strategic relationship for more than a decade with thousands of customers.

Posted January 25, 2023

Introduced in a DBTA webinar, "Exploring Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters," Vin Yu, senior technical product manager at AWS, highlighted DocumentDB's new elastic clusters feature which allows users to quickly scale and support massive read and writes workloads, all while mitigating cost and alleviating menial administrative labor.

Posted January 19, 2023

Kintent, the programmatic, predictive Trust Assurance platform, is releasing its new TrustShare application, allowing software companies to pass security reviews quickly with AI-powered security questionnaire responses while also offering a dynamic trust portal to share security and privacy compliance status with prospects and partners.

Posted January 19, 2023

Styra, Inc., the creator and maintainer of Open Policy Agent (OPA) and leader of cloud-native authorization, is adding the industry's broadest policy library and toolset for infrastructure to its Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS). To address security concerns associated with the use of containers, Styra now provides NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-190 compliant policies within its expanded library that includes hundreds of validated policies.

Posted January 18, 2023

Cisco and Intel are releasing the 7th generation of UCS C-Series and X-Series servers that will be powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, providing customers with greater flexibility and more performance for modern workloads with new C-Series and X-Series servers.

Posted January 17, 2023

Uncertain economic conditions, skills shortages, rising automation, increasing regulation, and digital disruption—all add up to a stew of both challenges and opportunities for data managers in the year ahead. Emerging technologies—and new attitudes—are reshaping the look and scope of the information management landscape, with implications for overall business strategies and individual careers alike.

Posted January 12, 2023

Moving to the cloud may seem, on its surface, a good way to better manage the quality and viability of data resources for enterprises. However, as data accelerates its move to the cloud, the complexity involved in assuring quality and viability has only increased.

Posted January 12, 2023

Data integration technologies, capabilities, and methodologies are evolving. It can be difficult to figure out what solutions or approaches may be best for the business and its digital transformation. Informatica recently held a special webinar titled "Data Integration Trends for 2023," with Makesh Renganathan, director product management, Informatica, and John O'Brien, principal advisor and CEO, Radiant Advisors, to discuss data integration trends to improve data management.

Posted January 11, 2023

For the eighth consecutive year, Amazon Web Services is named a leader in Gartner's annual "Magic Quadrant" rankings for the cloud database space. The new rankings, which evaluate the world's top 20 data and analytics companies, have elevated AWS into first place as the leader in vision, as well as ability to execute. At its recent re:Invent conference, the company unveiled a new generation of enhancements which introduce greater performance and integration to its cloud-based databases services.

Posted January 10, 2023

In the ever-shifting markets professionals work in today, companies must have the ability to remain agile and flexible throughout their business operations. To combat the uncertainties of the marketplace and customer demands for fast service, businesses have turned to open-source technology over the past decade. Open-source technologies provide IT and development teams with the agility to implement innovative tools and practices—such as DevOps and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Posted January 09, 2023

A special registration period for Data Summit 2023 is now open. Take advantage of the best deal of the year with Super Early Bird savings off your pass. While we finalize the program, you can save big with $300 off the regular rate of our most popular passes. Preferential pricing is offered to attendees who register before January 20. Additionally, worry free registration is available through February 10.  

Posted January 06, 2023

Progress, trusted provider of application development and infrastructure software, announced it is entering a definitive agreement to acquire MarkLogic, a provider of managing complex data and metadata and a Vector Capital portfolio company. Upon closing of the planned transaction, MarkLogic is expected to enhance Progress' commitment of delivering the best products to develop, deploy, and manage high-impact applications by providing a unified enterprise-grade semantic data platform that empowers customers to derive value from complex data.

Posted January 04, 2023

OneQode, global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company, is joining the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), providing enhanced offerings to enterprise customers in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on gaming, virtual and augmented reality, and other high-performance applications.

Posted January 04, 2023

According to a new research report published by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, many U.S. enterprises are migrating to Oracle cloud infrastructure and applications. The 2022 ISG Provider Lens Oracle Ecosystem report for the U.S. finds that enterprises are investing in Oracle Cloud Applications (OCA) for its ability to scale and its integrated application and infrastructure stack.

Posted January 04, 2023

Oracle is opening an Oracle Cloud Region in Chicago, Illinois, continuing one of the fastest expansions of any major cloud provider. Oracle's 41st global region and fourth in the U.S. offers customers and partners a new option to locate their infrastructure, applications, and data for optimal performance and latency.

Posted January 04, 2023

Mike Hulme, VP of marketing at DataStax and George Trujillo, principal data strategist at DataStax joined DBTA to explore the ways in which the real-time data cloud can provide key advantages that rival the cost, complexity, and performance of legacy systems.

Posted January 03, 2023

LogRhythm, the company empowering security teams, is partnering with SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, to offer an integrated enterprise security solution to prevent, detect, and respond to threats in your environment. The combined solution streamlines security operations and improves response workflow, helping overwhelmed security teams cut through the noise and gain precise insights into cybersecurity threats, according to the vendors.

Posted December 21, 2022

From cloud to AI and onto new technologies and methodologies such as DataOps, another year means more solutions to choose from. Here, executives of leading companies provide predictions for what's ahead in 2023 for big data. Plans for 5G deployments, new AI technologies like the metaverse or digital twins, and the rise of data fabric and data mesh are just some of the latest trends experts see coming to fruition in 2023.

Posted December 20, 2022

Redgate Software, a database DevOps solutions provider, announced it will releases a series of upcoming enhancements to its portfolio which will help organizations and businesses standardize and streamline cross-database development. According to the company, it was prompted by the growing use of different database types within IT departments and the increase in Open Source adoption. The move will reduce the difficulties faced when managing the development and deployment of changes across multiple database platforms at the same time.

Posted December 19, 2022

Ellen Mary Challans, better known by her pen name Mary Renault, was attributed with saying, "There is only one kind of shock worse than the totally unexpected: the expected for which one has refused to prepare." The early years of the second decade of the 21st millennium have been scarred by the consequences of willful negligence cascading throughout the world due to the inconvenience of nonchalantly ignoring unexpected inevitabilities.

Posted December 15, 2022

More and more companies are looking to cloud databases to offload an abundance of data and analytics. This upcoming year looks no different as organizations continue to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Here tech leaders share their predictions for cloud in 2023.

Posted December 15, 2022

Ambee announced its seven environmental data products are now available on the Data Marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. By delivering accurate and reliable environmental data, Ambee helps enable global businesses, administrations, and individuals to get better access to environmental data and drive towards sustainable innovation.

Posted December 14, 2022

To say the past year has been interesting for data managers and professionals is an understatement. Intensifying efforts to achieve data-driven processes, escalating security issues, shifts toward graph and cloud databases, and supply chain turbulence have dominated data teams' task lists. The coming year will be no different.

Posted December 13, 2022

MANTA brings intelligence to metadata management by providing a data lineage platform that automatically scans your data environment to build a powerful map of all data flows and deliver it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users. With MANTA, everyone gets full visibility and control of their data pipeline.

Posted December 12, 2022