Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2017

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Pure Storage, Inc.
FlashBlade—an elastic scale-out system that delivers all-flash performance to multi-petabyte-scale datasets and is targeted at workloads such as born-digital science and engineering, analytics of everything, and cloud-native applications

The Pythian Group, Inc.
Big Data Services—assists enterprises by providing a variety of architects, engineers, and consultants to help build big data solutions that integrate with existing infrastructures

PythianRon Kennedy,
Director of Product Management

Three Reasons to Offload Your Data to the Cloud

Because the success of today’s digitally-driven businesses is predicated on making use of large amounts of multisource data, the ability to scale both storage and processing power at low cost is always a top priority. Data offloading to the cloud removes the data storage and processing constraints that come with traditional in-house data centers, and puts big data and compute-intensive applications such as self-service analytics and IoT within reach for more companies. Read on.

QlikTech International
QlikSense—offered in desktop, enterprise, and cloud editions, QlikSense helps drive insight discovery with a data visualization app that helps users create flexible, interactive visualizations to make meaningful decisions

Qubole, Inc.
Qubole Data Service—provides a unified interface for the variety of use cases and workloads that data-driven organizations face, such as ad hoc analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning, and streaming data, as well as compatibility with major cloud offerings

QuboleAshish Thusoo,
Co-Founder & CEO


Qubole enables enterprises to optimize the performance, cost and scale of big data operations through automation, control and orchestrat ion of workloads in the cloud. Read on.

Quest Software, Inc.
SharePlex—supports Oracle database replication for SAP, SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle, Postgres, and Teradata and is part of Quest, which has been relaunched as an independent software company

RackSpace, Inc.
Cloud Big Data Platform—allows users to quickly provision an environment powered by Apache Hadoop and Spark that is sized to fit high-volume data processing needs and is built on the Hortonworks Data Platform

Red Hat, Inc.
Red Hat Virtualization—powered by Kernel-based Virtual Machine technology, the platform supports Linux- and Windows-based workloads and is designed to integrate with existing IT investments while providing a foundation for emerging technology deployments, including containerized and cloud-native applications

RedPoint Global, Inc.
RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop—manages both traditional and Hadoop repositories with a single product without requiring special skills or knowledge of MapReduce

Revelation Software
OpenInsight—Revelation’s flagship product, this NoSQL database development suite provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications

RevelationMike Ruane, 
President & CEO

Revelation Software
Openinsight For Web

OpenInsight for Web (O4W) is a flexible and powerful web development toolkit for OpenInsight, D3, Universe, UniData and QM.

O4W which is included with OpenInsight, is a rapid application development tool that lets you generate responsive forms, reports, and dashboards. Use our GUI drag-anddrop to lay out your forms and then test in both desktop and mobile browser mode. Or use our
full-function API to create the most sophisticated web pages. Read on.

Rocana, Inc.
Rocana Ops—manages and analyzes event-oriented machine data with advanced analytics, anomaly detection abilities, and support for Hortonworks along with Cloudera, further deepening the platform’s reach

RocanaOmer Trajman,

Rocana Ops

Many point-solution IT-monitoring tools exist today, but all focus on one or a very small number of data sources. Breaches, failures, and poor customer experiences can come from anywhere—so how do you gain visibility into those systems for which you don’t have a point monitoring solution? And, in the big picture, how can any largescale enterprise stay competitive in a digital economy with such a shallow and siloed view into IT operations? Read on.

Rocket Software, Inc.
Rocket D3—Rocket D3 DBMS is part of a MultiValue development environment designed for business-critical transactional and analytical database applications that provides scalability, flexibility, interoperability, and connectivity

RocketJohn Bramley,
Vice President, Application Platforms

Rocket Software

Every day, thousands of organizations rely on Rocket® D3 for day-to-day tasks from managing insurance claims to protecting irreplaceable data. Many times, organizations don’t realize this powerful MultiValue application platform is the secret weapon behind data-management products created by hundreds of solution providers around the world to help their customers solve challenging business and technology issues. And, it works so well that it’s completely invisible to end users. Read on.

Ryft Systems, Inc.
Ryft ONE—an open UI platform that delivers speed, scalability, simplicity, and security for real-time intelligence applications such as fraud prevention, cybersecurity, social commerce, and bioinformatics

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