Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018

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Qubole Data Service—provides a single platform for ETL, reporting, ad hoc analysis, stream processing, and machine learning to help data teams be more productive and reduce the costs of their data initiatives while taking full advantage of the elasticity and scale of the cloud

Quest Software
SharePlex—a multi-platform replication and real-time data integration solution that supports organizations’ increasingly heterogeneous database environments by continuing to expand platform coverage on both the source and target side

Privacy and Data Protection (PDP)—a cybersecurity offering designed to help identify and protect sensitive data in a customer’s environment such as intellectual property, customer payment information, and personally identifiable information, while meeting strict compliance requirements around securing data at rest

Red Hat
Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure—a collection of tightly integrated Red Hat technologies that lets users build and manage an open, private infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud and deploy any combination of components they need

Redis Labs
Redis Enterprise—provides an open source, in-memory database platform as a service in all major clouds, and as downloadable software

RedPoint Global
RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub—delivers a unified view of each customer, in-line analytics to determine nextbest actions, and intelligent orchestration to personalize engagement across the enterprise, and recently added new master data management capabilities

Dale Renner
CEO and Founder

RedPoint Global

Consumers are more empowered than ever before, and they are willing to leave brands that fail to meet their expectations. Providing a consistent, highly-personalized experience across every customer touchpoint is what consumers expect, and it has become a strategic imperative for brands, financial institutions, consumer goods, hospitality organizations, and retailers alike. Read on.

Revelation Software
OpenInsight 10—Revelation’s flagship product, is a NoSQL database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications

Mike Ruane,
President and CEO

Revelation Software
OpenInsight 10

OpenInsight 10, from Revelation Software, is the latest release of a Windows-based Database Application Development Toolkit, which was first released in 1992. Over 25 years of expertise and lessons learned have gone into the development and crafting of this release. With a look and feel that the modern developer expects and has become used to, OpenInsight 10 will still run those applications made anywhere within the last quarter-century, and bring them forward, allowing years more of productive and effective use of existing software, and skillsets. Read on.

Robin Systems
Robin Cloud Platform—is powered by containers to run applications with bare-metal performance, achieve guaranteed QoS, and create an application-aware infrastructure that enables organizations to consolidate compute and storage resources, and reduce high IT operations and software license costs

Premal Buch,

Robin Systems
Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)

Robin Cloud Platform (RCP) powered by containers, enables application- defined lifecycle management at scale, optimized for distributed Big Data and NoSQL clusters such as Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Elastic, as well as RDBMSs—Oracle (including RAC), MS-SQL, MySQL and Postgres. Read on.

Rocket Software
UniData—a MultiValue platform for building fast, flexible, and secure applications that powers business critical operations across industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and higher education 

Julianna Cammarano, Director, MultiValue and
Business Intelligence
Product Marketing

Rocket Software

Technology evolves rapidly—and that’s a good thing. But it’s impractical to replace the systems that support your business every time technology evolves. Read on.

HANA—combines an ACID-compliant database with application services, high-speed analytics, and data acquisition tools in an in-memory platform with built-in application services that support the development and deployment of new business apps to deliver insight from big data and IoT

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