Special MultiValue Technology Report: Vendors Rise to Meet New Data Challenges

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We also offer DREM for securing and encrypting data that is “at rest” on the server. Our DREM files allow for complete files or individual fields to be encrypted for all or by user without the requirement to change any application code.

System integrity and data security are major factors that impact both the end user IT departments and VARs (value-added resellers) developing applications to sell in selected markets. We are confident that jBASE 5 delivers the best system integrity and data security features on the MultiValue database market today and is even on par with many RDBMS products.

David Cooper, Lead Developer, BlueFinity International, an MPower1 Group Company

For a decade now, BlueFinity has been delivering market-leading Microsoft .NET tools to allow any MultiValue-based application to be integrated with RDBMS-based applications and to enable existing applications to receive a new lease of life from a modern user interface. We are confident that our customers are deploying systems that truly position MultiValue on par with anyone else in terms of UI and integration functionality. So we’ve arrived at the next challenge with everyone else, but what a challenge!

Customers now require the UI to be delivered via a diverse range of platforms from workstations to tablets and smartphones, but there is a very steep learning curve to the multiple operating systems and development tools for each. This can result in long development timescales and severe support headaches and, of course, resulting costs.

All that’s needed is a product to design and develop applications that run on any platform, is based on a single codeset and generates code that’s .NET- and fully Visual Studio-compatible, enables short delivery times, and integrates with any MultiValue database! Well, all we can say is watch this space … we have been very busy in the background and something revolutionary is coming soon.

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