Best Streaming Data Solution

To evaluate data quickly and enable predictive analytics based on sources of rapidly changing data – including social media, sensors, and financial services data -- streaming data solutions come to rescue, providing the data when it is needed ... now.

Solutions can help businesses analyze data in motion, simplify the development of streaming applications, and extend the value of existing systems by integrating with already implemented applications along with supporting both structured and unstructured data.

Here are the winners of the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Streaming Data Solution:


MapR Streams

Winners' Circle by Anoop Dawar, Vice President, Products, MapR

The MapR team would like to thank  the DBTA readers for the “Best Streaming Data Solution” award and their continued support. There is an exciting paradigm shift happening in terms of how we process event data in real time to better react to business opportunities or risks. At MapR, we understand that to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need the ability to react to business-critical events as they happen ... read on


TIBCO StreamBase

SQLstream s-Server

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The rapid expansion of The IT market shows no signs of abating. The growth of data in all its forms—from traditional data sources and newer sources such as social media and connected devices—is driving swift innovation. To address the need to secure, integrate, and draw meaningful insights from all this data, a steady flow of products and services, as well as new features to long-established offerings, continues to emerge.

Posted August 03, 2016