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Best Data Virtualization Solution

With data virtualizatio the business and IT sides of organizations can work closer together in a much more agile fashion, reducing complexity and boosting productivity.

Data virtualization enables artificial intelligence/machine learning and data science initiatives by delivering all the available data to algorithms in real time, said Ravi Shankar, chief marketing officer, Denodo. Data virtualization accomplishes this by connecting to data sources and unifying the data in a virtual view. It does not replicate source data into yet another repository, which increases storage costs and introduces latency.

Virtualization addresses the organizations’ need to achieve a comprehensive view of their data, while avoiding the need to rip and replace physical systems already in place.

Successful solutions will offer enterprises agile development, a secure virtual data layer, and real-time data access and provisioning.

Best Data Virtualization Solution

Denodo Platform

Winners' Circle by Ravi Shankar Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Data science is currently in vogue, and for a very good reason. With increasing competition and government regulations, it has become more complex to operate a business, so companies are now employing data scientists, who create data models with which to discover insightful business patterns. To do so, they need access to all enterprise data, but with data exploding across data centers, the cloud, and the IoT, it has become challenging to unite this data into a single location. Read on.


TIBCO Data Virtualization

Dremio Data-as-a-Service Platform