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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
March 2009

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

APT Solutions is a U.K.-based provider of web-enabled membership management software and associated specialist membership administration services to the not-for-profit sector. Its clients include member-based organizations such as trade unions, institutions, clubs, societies, charities and health plan providers. The company's Stratum Membership Management software solution helps organizations gain control over their member information and leverage the information to save money, increase efficiencies, boost member communications, retention, loyalty and donations and improve staff productivity.

Ladybridge Systems, a privately owned U.K,-based company, has announced that BookMasters, one of the largest distributors of books in the U.S., has completed migration of their 105-user business system to QM. Running on a quad core Xeon system with five 32Gb Managed Flash Technology drives (Easy Computing Company) the migration has significantly reduced costs and is delivering high performance, according to the companies.

The time is past when the unique attributes of the MultiValue database model alone provided sufficient justification for the use of the technology, notes Pete Loveless in an exclusive interview with Database Trends and Applications magazine. Loveless explains why MV companies must support interoperability and integration from the ground up, in order to meet the challenges presented by the market now, and in the future. "Integration between MultiValue and emerging technologies such as XML, Web Services, and .NET has become increasingly important for growth. We've seen a huge surge of customers demanding our .NET development facilities," he states. To read the complete interview with Loveless in the March e-edition of DBTA, go here.

jBASE International, a leading supplier of database management software, has unveiled features of the upcoming version of its multidimensional database, jBASE Release 5. The new release builds on jBASE Release 4 to deliver a true 64-bit database implementation together with new application programming interfaces (APIs) and enhanced resilience through the introduction of Dataguard.

Revelation's classes on OpenInsight are forming for April. Intrdoduction to Development in OpenInsight will be held April 6-8, What's New in OpenInsight 9.0 will be held April 14-15, Intermediate Development in OpenInsight will be held Arpil 20-22, and Advanced Topics in OpenInsight will be held April 27-29

In the face of an uncertain economic outlook, organizations as well as government agencies and educational institutions are focused on controlling costs, while also maximizing IT investments that have already been made.In a special section in this month's issue of Database Trends and Applications magazine, we ask leading MultiValue vendors: What is your company doing to help customers extend the value of their MultiValue assets?