DBTA 100 2014 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Basho Technologies, Inc.
Adam Wray, CEO
Basho Technologies is the creator and developer of both a NoSQL distributed database that provides highavailability, fault-tolerance, and operational simplicity, as well as a cloud-based object storage system.

Birst, Inc.
Jay Larson, CEO
Providing an integrated enterprise-caliber BI platform, designed for SaaS cloud delivery and on-premises deployment as a software appliance, Birst combines the components to develop, deploy and maintain reporting, dashboarding, visualization and data discovery solutions.

BMC Software, Inc.
Robert E. Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
From mainframe to cloud to mobile, BMC enables its customers to leverage complex technology by providing a unified platform for IT management that helps cut cost, reduce risk, and drive business profit.

C. Bradley Tashenberg, President & CEO
With a mission is to provide data management solutions in support of its customers’ business challenges, the Bradmark product suite helps detect and prevent problems, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at top performance. Bradmark is a reseller of SAP database products in North America, and database management tools provider for RDBMS environments.

C. Bradley Tashenberg, Founder & CEO

View from the Top by C. Bradley Tashenberg, Founder & CEO

Bradmark Technologies is proud to currently hold the position as the #1 reseller of SAP Database and Technology products in North America. Supporting leading IT organizations worldwide that demand high availability and performance, Bradmark strives to be the “go-to”, full-service provider for SAP database and technology users, offering a full set of SAP database products (ASE, IQ, Replication Server or SAP HANA), best-in-class database monitoring solutions, and consultingservices ... read on.

CA Technologies
Michael P. Gregoire, CEO
As an IT management software and solutions company—with expertise across mainframe and distributed, virtual and cloud—CA provides solutions to enable customers to manage and secure IT environments and deliver more flexible IT services to the business.

Mark Theissen, CEO
Delivering a next-generation data federation platform, Cirro enables the access of heterogeneous data platforms and types, and uses SQL to support onthe-fly self-service data exploration and analysis.

Mark Theissen, CEO

View from the Top by Mark Theissen, CEO

Cirro’s Next Generation Data Federation Platform is a revolutionary technology that solves the most significant challenge facing businesses today—a single point-of-access for Big Data exploration, integration and analysis. Cirro seamlessly incorporates Hadoop, SaaS, NoSQL and traditional data sources to enable self-service data exploration and analysis previously unavailable in the marketplace ... read on

John T. Chambers, Chairman & CEO
As part of its broad array of IT and data center products, services and tools, Cisco now offers Cisco Data Virtualization, (formerly Composite Software) —agile data integration software that makes it easy to access data, no matter where it resides.

Mike Flannagan, General Manager,Data & Analytics Business Group

View from the Top by Mike Flannagan, General Manager, Data & Analytics Business Group

One of our goals at Cisco Systems is to help our customers respond to ongoing market transitions. Three very prevalent trends occurring today are big data, cloud and the widening distribution of data sources. These trends provide IT with greater flexibility when storing and managing data. But they challenge business when accessing and analyzing data from across this distributed data landscape ... read on

Cloudera, Inc.
Tom Reilly, CEO
Cloudera offers a distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects, as well as support, training, professional services. Central to the Cloudera approach is the concept of a unified platform for big data—an enterprise data hub—that provides customers with one place to store, process, and analyze all data.

Tom Reilly,CEO

View from the Top by Tom Reilly, CEO

Big data presents a tremendous opportunity for enterprises across industries. By tapping into new volumes and varieties of data, organizations can ask questions about their customers and their business like never before. For example, organizations are using data to deliver a better customer experience, resulting in a more loyal customer base from which they can derive greater value ... read on

Clustrix, Inc.
Don Listwin, CEO & Chairman
A scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, Clustrix delivers real-time analytics on live operational data, and enables applications to scale near linearly as nodes are added, even with highly concurrent workloads.

CodeFutures Corp.
Cory Isaacson, CEO
A provider of database performance tools, CodeFutures offers a code generator that helps software developers be more productive by automatically generating DAO code for accessing relational databases, as well as a software product that allows database sharding to be applied to existing applications and databases.

Cory Isaacson, CEO

View from the Top by Cory Isaacson, CEO

CodeFutures is a leading provider of agile Big Data and streaming technologies. Their vision is to enable an agile approach to Big Data processing—transforming static database repositories into a flexible and dynamic data infrastructure. This approach reduces the heavyweight, rigid and limiting capabilities of accessing and using data by traditional means, opening an entire new set of opportunities for organizations ... read on

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