Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2016

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Dell Software
Dell SharePlex 8.6—provides high-performance replication and data integration with support for Oracle 10g, 11g, and 12c, as well as other systems. Dell also offers SharePlex for SQL Server, SharePlex for SAP, and SharePlex Connector for Hadoop

Delphix Corp.
Delphix Data as a Service—a DaaS platform available on premise or as cloud software that helps to address governance management and integration challenges by delivering virtualized data into the right environment more quickly than moving and copying data across redundant systems

Denodo Technologies
Denodo Platform 5.5—an integrated platform for data virtualization that creates, manages, and delivers virtualized data services at both project and enterprise levels with key capabilities for real-time query optimization supported by intelligent caching, scheduled data orchestration, and unified data governance and quality

RaviProduct Spotlight by Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer


With the advent of big data came the information explosion and along with it came the problem of data silos. Today, data is imprisoned in different silos across big data, cloud, and on-premise systems, and totally disenfranchised. Traditional data integration approaches such as ETL fall short of meeting the enormous challenge of integrating big data ... read on.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Embarcadero ER/Studio XE7—Embarcadero’s flagship data architecture suite provides capabilities to enhance data architecture, address emerging industry technologies and techniques, and improve the user experience

HuizengaProduct Spotlight by Ron Huizenga, Senior Product Manager for ER/Studio

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

To effectively leverage corporate data as an asset, it is imperative that the business and IT teams work together on the data strategy. The business leadership has to drive the data culture in the organization. Data architects need to be the champions for data value and data quality, ensuring that everyone within the organization understands what the data is and can explain the rationale behind that data in business terms. Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. provides data modeling and architecture tools that empower data professionals to design and integrate databases more efficiently in heterogeneous IT environments ... read on.

EMC Corp.
EMC XtremIO 4.0—an all-flash array that supports larger all-flash array configurations, expands on-demand capabilities, and consolidates workloads at high levels of performance and availability

YoavEilatProduct Spotlight by Yoav Eilat,  Director, Product Marketing


Research shows that databases are continuing to grow at double-digit rates, creating extremely difficult requirements around application performance, reliability, scalability, time to market and IT operational efficiency. Sprawling production and non-production database instances create enormous hardware, administrative and license costs ... read on.

Empolis Information Management GmbH
Empolis Smart Cloud—allows customers to avoid the initial investment of license fees and efforts involved in creating their own IT infrastructure, while providing the full range of Smart Information Management services, including creation, management, analysis, intelligent processing and provisioning of all relevant information needed for business processes, regardless of source, format, user, location, or device

Stefan_WessProduct Spotlight by Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

Empolis Smart Cloud 
Empolis Information Management GmbH 

With Empolis Smart Cloud, customers have fast access to the full range of Empolis’ solution and services portfolio: Smart Content, Smart Service and Smart Intelligence. Intelligent content creation, structuring and processing for automated information delivery to any desired channel/device are made possible with Smart Content. Smart Service streamlines knowledge-intensive business processes within Service organizations with semantic search, case-based reasoning and adaptive decision trees. With Smart Intelligence, systematic analysis of information helps in identifying opportunities and risk and facilitates fast, intelligent decision-making ... read on.

EnterpriseDB Corp.
EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Cloud Database— is designed specifically for the cloud and features automated scale-out from its cluster architecture, built-in failover for high availability, private instances for security and consistent performance, and complete administrative access

FairCom c-treeACE V11— database technology that builds upon the V10 release and adds new compression options to save space; shared memory advances to boost performance; batch updates to improve efficiency; reduced SQL limitations; and graphical tools

AlyshaBrownProduct Spotlight by Alysha Brown, COO 


FairCom is a pioneer in the software industry, the first company to offer a commercial package using binary tree algorithms on microcomputers in 1979. Today, FairCom maintains its sole technical focus on database technology, continuously enhancing its core database technology while keeping up with the latest industry platforms and APIs. FairCom’s c-treeACE engine is the industry’s most powerful “No+SQL” solution for enterprise data providing simultaneous access to NoSQL and SQL data ... read on

GridGain Systems, Inc.
GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric v7.4 v7.3— powered by Apache Ignite, GridGain In-Memory Fabric provides a unified API that spans key types of applications and connects them with multiple data stores containing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, and with its latest release, offers enhancements to security, management, availability, and performance

Hortonworks, Inc.
Hortonworks Data Platform 2.3—a release of the open source Apache Hadoop platform that focuses on easing enterprise adoption by eliminating administration complexities, improving developer productivity, enhancing security and data governance, and delivering proactive cluster monitoring

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
HPE Vertica Excavator—this release of Vertica, code- named “Excavator,” enables organizations to quickly ingest and analyze high-speed streaming data from various sources, including Internet of Things applications, and provides enhanced SQL analytics and performance to Hadoop

HPE Security—Data Security
HPE SecureData Suite for Hadoop—provides full data-centric security, including HP Format-Preserving Encryption, HP Secure Stateless Tokenization, HP Stateless Key Management, and also includes HP SecureStorage for volume protection

KappenbergerProduct Spotlight by Reiner Kappenberger,  Global Product Management, HPE Security- Data Security

HPE Security-Data Security 

Enable Secure Data Sharing and Analytics in Hadoop 
With big data analytics and Hadoop environments come myriad benefits —but also new risks to enterprises. In the past, cyber-attackers had to search for high-value information across a wide range of systems. But now with centralized data, hackers can focus on a known, single target. Even when key information is secured in the organization there is still a high risk that sensitive data can be re-identified by an attacker, using multiple data sets ... read on.

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