Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2019

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Datavail Managed Services—helps clients to collect, manage, and derive value from organizational data, as well as streamline processes through software integration and custom development, Datavail Managed Services are provided by a team of more than 1,000 data professionals including DBAs, developers, project managers, consultants, and business experts

Eric Russo, SVP, Database Services


Datavail Delta Monitoring Expands to MySQL and Oracle on Windows Server. Read on.

Datawatch Angoss
—enables data science teams to create predictive analytic models using Apache Spark by means of a simple point-and-click interface, simplifying the process of working in big data environments and helping organizations to act more confidently with their data   

Michael Rowley, Director Global Product Marketing

Datawatch Angoss

Datawatch Angoss is a global leader in delivering advanced analytics to businesses looking to monetize data with a focus on logistics, risk, marketing and sales. Read on.

DBI Software
www.dbisoftware.compureFeat V7 Performance Management Suite for IBM Db2 LUW—solutions for database performance analytics, tuning, and trending; response time analytics and SLA attainment, alerting and real time monitoring, along with new features to help DBAs and management teams to cope with the volatility of agile environments

Dell EMC
Dell EMC PowerEdge MX— high performance, modular infrastructure that is designed for the software-defined data center and able to support a variety of traditional and emerging data center workloads, including dense virtualization, software-defined storage, software-defined networking, artificial intelligence, and big data projects           

Delphix Dyamic Data Platform—helps organizations provision lightweight, compressed copies of production data in minutes, while keeping them in sync; secure sensitive data in adherence with security policies; and move and manage data from any environment—on premise, cloud, or hybrid

Eric Schrock, CTO


Today’s modern businesses need efficient, secure access to data to innovate faster to keep pace with consumers demands and avoid disruption. Read on.

Denodo Platform—offers the benefits of data virtualization, such as the ability to provide real-time access to integrated data across an organization’s diverse data sources without replicating any data, and offers broad access to structured and unstructured data residing in enterprise, big data, and cloud sources

>Ravi Shankar Chief Marketing Officer

Denodo Technologies

Data Virtualization

Organizations are moving data to the cloud, driven by efficiencies of scale; reductions in the total cost of hardware, software, and the entire IT infrastructure; flexible, usage-based payment structures; and the ability to provision new IT capabilities in minutes rather than months. Read on.

Diamanti’s D10 bare-metal container platform—integrates open source Docker and Kubernetes with purpose-built hardware and container-granular control to provide a full container stack to give infrastructure architects, IT operations, and application owners the speed, simplicity, efficiency, and control they need to run stateful containerized applications at scale

Dremio Data-as-a-Service Platform—connects any analytical process to any data source and scales from one to 1,000 plus servers, running in the cloud, in Kubernetes, or in a Hadoop cluster to help analysts and data scientists work together to discover, curate, and collaborate for diverse analytical use cases

Empolis Information Management
Empolis Service Express—a central knowledge platform offered as SaaS that speaks the language of its users and can be used by customers in self-service, first-level service staff, and experts, giving them direct access to all relevant information by entering a search query

Stefan Wess, CEO


With the cloud-based solution Empolis Service Express, technical customer service is successfully digitized immediately, with no large investments. Read on.

erwin EDGE platform—with metadata connectors and automated code generation, sensitive data discovery, data mapping, and cataloging tools, erwin EDGE creates an “enterprise data governance experience” that facilitates collaboration between both IT and the business to unlock the value of data both at rest and in motion

Mariann McDonagh, Chief Marketing Officer

erwin EDGE

We developed the erwin EDGE platform to deliver an “enterprise data governance experience,” so the modern business can accelerate the transformation of mission-critical data into accurate and actionable insights. Read on.

AllegroGraph—employing a combination of semantic and graph technologies that process data with contextual and conceptual intelligence, the database technology enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from their highly complex, distributed data that can’t be answered with conventional databases

Jans Aasman, CEO

Franz Inc.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the top investment areas for companies looking to improve ROI on operations and products, and to create customer 360 views. Read on.

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