December 10, 2018

News Flashes

Dell Boomi, a provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software, is updating its integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with new features that will connect and work with a variety of use cases.                                                

In a wide-ranging keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2018, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd presented a picture of the issues shaping change in IT. And, as his become a customary part of his presentations, Hurd shared new predictions for the future.

Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology, has the potential to impact a diverse range of industries from agriculture to accounting to healthcare. Supporting integrity and trust among entities, blockchain can help track the movement of goods and services—and data itself. Recently Paul Tatro, founder of Blockchain U Online, talked about where blockchain is being used now and what's ahead in 2019.

IBM has announced IBM Talent & Transformation, a new business to help companies and their employees flourish in the era of AI and automation. IBM Talent & Transformation is targeted at providing not only AI skills training, but also helping companies drive the changes necessary to use AI to empower employees, transform workflows, eliminate bias, and build a modern workforce.

Seagate and IBM are working together to reduce product counterfeiting using blockchain and security technologies. The project, which is designed to help manufacturers, integrators, and business partners fight counterfeit hard drives, uses the IBM Blockchain Platform to authenticate the provenance of disk drive products, bringing a new level of multi-layered security protection to the data management industry. According to industry estimates, more than $1.7 trillion in counterfeit and pirated electronic products is sold each year across the globe.

Think About It

Blockchain is still an immature technology, but is already positioned to help provide new options for data management within companies. It is, in essence, a global database. As shown in today's news, blockchain is capable of verifying the authenticity of hard drives and other electronics, providing an immutable record of origin and ownership. Look for more blockchain-based approaches to verifying the authenticity of IoT and edge devices, as well as safeguarding transactions.