The 2018 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards Winners

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The votes have been counted and the results are in. Now, it’s time to offer congratulations as Database Trends and Applications magazine unveils the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards winners.

Data has been called many things, including the new electricity and the new oil, for its transformative powers to illuminate opportunities and fuel growth. But, at Data Summit 2018, Paul Sonderegger, senior data strategist, Oracle, noted in a keynote that data is actually a new form of capital, on a par with financial and human capital for creating new products and services. In economics, he explained, capital is an asset produced through a process and is then a necessary input to some other good or service. “Data fulfills this definition.”

Exploiting this capital, and increasing its value, is the goal of many organizations.  But, in order to do so, they must have the right tools.

To help add perspective and acknowledge the products and services that have been deemed by our readers to provide unique value, DBTA created the Readers’ Choice Awards. Unlike any other awards programs conducted by DBTA, this one is special because the nominees are submitted and the winners are chosen by the experts—whose opinions carry more weight than all others—you, the readers.

With 28 categories, including a new one—best artificial intelligence solution—this year, there was plenty of opportunity to give credit where it is due. Many of the vendors and products are well-known with market-leading positions established over many years.  However, there are also newer names in the mix, representing the rapidly evolving nature of information technology solutions and services.

In a number of cases, competition was close. As a result, we are showcasing the top vote-getter as well as the two finalists in each category.

Congratulations to all the winners. And, thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and voted.

Best Big Data Platform

Best BI Solution

Best CDC Solution

Best Cloud Database

Best Cloud Solution

Best Cognitive Solution

Best Data Analytics Solution

Best Data Governance Solution

Best Data Integration Solution

Best Data Modeling Solution

Best Data Quality Solution

Best Data Replication Solution

Best Data Security Solution

Best Data Storage Solution

Best Data Virtualization Solution

Best Data Visualization Solution

Best Database Overall

Best DBA Solution

Best Database Backup Solution

Best Database Development Solution

Best Database Performance Solution

Best Hadoop Solution

Best In-Memory Solution

Best IoT Solution

Best MultiValue Database

Best NoSQL Database

Best Relational Database

Best Streaming Solution