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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
March 3, 2015

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: March 3, 2015 . A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

The second annual Data Summit 2015 conference at the New York Hilton Midtown will include two tracks of workshops on Monday, May 11, providing a deep dive into important big data technologies.

Whether an organization is currently considering Hadoop or already using it in production, Hadoop Day on May 12 will provide the opportunity to connect with experts and advance your knowledge base. The educational event will include wide range of presentations focused on topics such as the current state of Hadoop and how to get started, best practices for building a data warehouse on Hadoop that co-exists with other frameworks and non-Hadoop platforms, leveraging Hadoop in the cloud, the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as a spirited panel discussion on what to consider before diving into the data lake.

Informatica, a data management company, is collaborating with two major big data players - Capgemini and Pivotal - on a data lake solution. As part of the Business Data Lake ecosystem developed by Capgemini and Pivotal, Informatica will deliver certified technologies for data integration, data quality and master data management (MDM).

MongoDB has announced the general availability of MongoDB 3.0 which introduces a flexible storage architecture incorporating the WiredTiger storage engine, acquired in 2014. With the new release of MongoDB, the company has also rolled out MongoDB Ops Manager for managing MongoDB deployments.

Data as a set of information can only go so far. Many businesses need to be able to create data visualizations to enable the tangible benefits of being able to study data for better business practices. TIBCO, a provider of infrastructure and business intelligence software, is releasing a new release of Spotfire that is aimed at serving everyone from the novice user to the expert user.

What is the best product or solution for storing, protecting, integrating, enhancing, or analyzing data? It depends on who you ask. To shine a spotlight on the best information management solutions in the marketplace, Database Trends and Applications has launched the 2015 DBTA Readers' Choice Awards, a program in which the winners will be selected by the experts whose opinions count above all others - you.

To provide information about the emerging best practices and key technology solutions to this challenge, Database Trends and Applications is hosting a special roundtable webcast on Thursday, March 5, at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET, titled, "Data Engineering for the Internet of Things."

New technologies such as Hadoop provide enterprises with another option besides the enterprise data warehouse when it comes to their data storage. Nonetheless, data warehouses still provide value to companies. What you need to know is when to use your data warehouse, when to use Hadoop, the advantage of using both in your information supply system, and the key strategies for success. These issues were examined in a recent DBTA roundtable webcast, featuring Kevin Petrie, senior director, Attunity; George Corugedo, CTO and co-founder, RedPoint Global Inc.; and Nitin Bandugula, senior product marketing manager, MapR, that is now available for replay.

Xplenty has formed a partnership with Avlino, a big data solutions provider, to further accelerate batch processing within Xplenty's software. With the new partnership, Xplenty and Avlino say they want to reverse a commonly accepted industry statistic concerning data processing - that it takes business users 80% of the time to prepare data, allowing them only 20% of the time to actually analyze it.