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New Big Data Sourcebook Examines the Unfolding Big Data Era

To shed light on the enterprise and technology issues IT professionals will be facing in 2017 as business or organizational leadership seeks strategies to leverage the "big data" phenomenon, the fourth annual edition of the Big Data Sourcebook is now available for download. Read More

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Beyond: How IT Operations Teams Prepare for and Prevent Outages

IT operations teams have been furiously preparing for this year's holiday season - the retail industry's busiest time of the year for web traffic. Here is a checklist of the key factors IT operations teams need to consider to ensure their IT infrastructure is ready now - and stays that way throughout the shopping season. Read More

Got Public Cloud Security Woes? The Remedy to the Top 12 Security Concerns Is Visibility

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) calls it "The Treacherous Twelve." Others have called it the Dirty Dozen. But by whatever name, this is the list to know if you have concerns about security in the public cloud. To be honest, much is being done to address the items on this list. In fact, some predict that in a few years' time the public cloud may be more secure than private ones—and certainly more than traditional networks. Imagine, even, the possibility of security being the reason to go to—rather than shun—the public cloud. Read More

Scaling Data Integration Across Hybrid Environments in a Big Data World

Driven by the demands of an always-on global economy, the widespread proliferation of data is combining with an expectation to leverage seamlessly-integrated data in near-real time. However, data integration methods aren't keeping up. Read More



Todd Schraml

Database Elaborations

Todd Schraml

  • Support Your Local Reference Data Terms such as "active," "inactive," and "canceled" may seem mundane and inconsequential, and when folks hear the term,"valid values," their eyes glaze and expectations of interest diminish. But exciting or not, reference values and an understanding of them are important to every organization.
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Craig S. Mullins

DBA Corner

Craig S. Mullins

  • Modernizing Database Administration with Autonomics The clear trend these days is to automate and enable computerized tasks to streamline and optimize administrative and maintenance tasks. Many database management tasks that today require oversight and handholding by DBAs can, over time, be turned over to intelligently automated software to manage. But automation is just the first step.
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Kevin Kline

SQL Server Drill Down

Kevin Kline

  • Here’s What You Missed at the Biggest Annual SQL Server Conference, PASS Summit 2016 If you are a SQL Server professional, but you don't know about the PASS Summit, then you are missing out. The annual conference is convened every fall in downtown Seattle, the backyard of Microsoft, and attracted over 6,000 attendees this year. And, since it's so close to the Microsoft Redmond campus, hundreds of the SQL Server developers and program managers get to attend—answering user questions, delivering sessions, and presenting chalk talks and panel discussions.
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Guy Harrison

Big Data Notes

Guy Harrison

  • Apache Drill Brings SQL to NoSQL It's been amusing to watch the NoSQL movement transition from a "We don't need no stinking SQL" attitude to a "Can I please have some SQL with that?" philosophy. The nonrelational databases that emerged over the past 8 years initially offered no SQL capabilities. However, today we have an embarrassment of SQL options for "NoSQL." Hive offers SQL for Hadoop systems, Spark has SparkSQL, MongoDB has a SQL-based BI connector, and so on.
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  • The Three Key Challenges Facing the DBA of the Future There are three big challenges facing today's DBAs—a shift to an application-centric focus, the need to support multiple database platforms, and expanding responsibilities for managing database performance in the cloud as well as on premises.
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