Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2021

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Data management and integration demands continue to increase as organizations are faced with more data flowing in from a greater variety sources than ever before. At the same time, there is the need to extract business value, protect, and offer wider access to that data for more users. Today, being data-driven is the goal of all companies, whether long established or born digital.

The Experian “2020 Global data management research” report found that nearly everyone understands the importance of data related to customer insight, business operations, and digital transformation. Being data-driven is perceived to enable improved customer experience, identified by 50% of respondents, better insight for decision making (45%), and allow more innovation (44%).

However, according to the ‘Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2020’ from NewVantage Partners, only 37.8% of respondents have thus far created a data-driven organization. And only 26.8% say they have had success at building a data culture within their firms.

A key enabler of data-driven approaches are cloud services, which can offer modernization, flexibility, elasticity, and cost-saving benefits while opening the door to new technologies. However, with the use of multiple cloud and on-prem platforms, the complexity increases, creating the need to address data movement and analytics requirements. Along with these hybrid and multi-cloud approaches and a trend toward polyglot persistence in data management systems, there are newer products infused with AI, machine learning, or automation to improve processes. The result is that there is no shortage of options to help organizations reach their data-driven goals.

To help make the process of identifying useful products and services easier, each year Database Trends and Applications magazine presents a list of Trend-Setting Products. These products, platforms, and services range from widely accepted offerings that continue to evolve to meet the needs of their loyal constituents to breakthrough technologies that are in the early stages of adoption. However, the common denominator for all is that they represent a commitment to innovation and seek to provide organizations with tools to address changing market requirements.

Beyond the list, we encourage you to continue your exploration of these products by visiting the companies’ websites for more information. In addition, in this issue, we include Product Spotlight articles penned by company executives that highlight the features that make their products unique.

Company Product  Product Spotlight
AccentureAccenture Intelligent Platform Services 
ActianActian Avalanche 
AerospikeAerospike Database 
AibleAible Platform 
AlluxioAlluxio Data Orchestration Platform 
AlteryxAlteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform 
ALTRData Security as a Service 
Amazon Web ServicesAmazon EBS io2 
AppenAppen Platform 
ASGASG Data Intelligence solution 
AtscaleAtScale Intelligent Data Virtualization 
Cambridge SemanticsAnzoGraph DB 
CDataCData Data Connectivity Solutions 
Cisco SystemsCisco Kinetic IoT Platform 
ClouderaCloudera Data Platform 
CollibraCollibra Data Intelligence CloudSpotlight
ContinuentTungsten Clustering 
CouchbaseCouchbase Server 
DatabricksDatabricks’ Unified Analytics Platform 
DatakitchenDataKitchen Platform 
DatastaxVector AIOps for Apache Cassandra 
DBI SoftwarepureFeat Performance Management Suite for IBM Db2 LUW 
Dell TechnologiesDell EMC Data PowerStore 
DelphixDelphix DataOps Platform 
DenodoDenodo Data Virtualization PlatformSpotlight
DremioDremio Data Lake Engine 
Empolis Information ManagementEmpolis Service Express 
EqualumData Ingestion Platform 
erwinerwin Data Intelligence SuiteSpotlight
Fishtown Analyticsdata build tool (dbt) 
Google CloudGoogle Cloud Platform 
Gridgain SystemsGridGain Enterprise Edition 
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)HPE GreenLake 
HVRHVR’s Real-Time Cloud Data Replication Software 
IderaCloud Database Tools 
InformaticaInformatica Intelligent Data Platform 
Innovative Routines International (IRI)Voracity App for SplunkSpotlight
Kore TechnologiesKourier IntegratorSpotlight
LightstepLightstep Service Health for Deployments solution 
LiqubaseLiquibase Enterprise (formerly Datical DB) 
Magnitude SoftwareMagnitude Simba Connectivity 
MariaDBMariaDB Platform 
MarklogicMarkLogic Data Hub Platform 
MicrosoftMicrosoft Azure 
MongoDBMongoDB Atlas 
NavisiteManaged Cloud ServicesSpotlight
Neo4jNeo4j 4.0 
NutanixNutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (AOS) 
NuxeoNuxeo Content Services Platform 
OpentextOpenText Enterprise Information Management 
OracleOracle Autonomous Database Cloud 
PepperdataPepperdata Enterprise SuiteSpotlight
PerconaPercona Monitoring and ManagementSpotlight
PremiumsoftNavicat Premium 15 
PreciselyPrecisely Connect 
ProgressProgress DataDirect 
Pure StoragePure Storage FlashArray (Pure FlashArray//C) 
PythianEnterprise Data Platform Services 
QlikQlik Sense 
Quest SoftwareSharePlex 
Redgate SoftwareRedgate SQL Monitor 
Red HatAnsible Automation 
Redis LabsRedis Enterprise 
ReniacrENIAC Data Engine 
Revelation SoftwareOpenInsightSpotlight
Rocket SoftwareUniVerseSpotlight
RubrikRubrik Cloud Data Management 
SAS InstituteViya 
SentryOneSQL Sentry for SQL Server 
SinequaInsight Platform 
Sisu DataSisu DataSpotlight
SnaplogicSnapLogic Enterprise Automation 
SnowflakeSnowflake Cloud Data Platform 
Snowplow AnalyticsSnowplow Insights 
Software Diversified Services (SDS)IronSphereSpotlight
SoftwareAGCumulocity IoT 
SolarWindsDatabase Performance AnalyzerSpotlight
Southbank SoftwaredbKoda 
SplunkSplunk Enterprise 
SQreamSQream DB 
StardogEnterprise Knowledge Graph Platform 
StreamsetsStreamsets DataOps Platform 
SynitiSyniti Knowledge PlatformSpotlight
Tableau SoftwareTableau 
TalendTalend Data Fabric 
TamrData Mastering at Scale 
TeraDataTeradata Vantage 
TibcoTIBCO Any Data Hub 
TigerGraphTigerGraph Cloud 
TrifactaTrifacta Wrangler 
VerticaVertica Analytics PlatformSpotlight
VMWareVMware Cloud Foundation 
Yellowbrick DataYellowbrick Data Warehouse 
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