Data Modeling

Data Modeling and Database Design and Development – including popular approaches such as Agile and Waterfall design - provide the basis for the Visualization, and Management of, Business Data in support of initiatives such a Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Security, and other enterprise-wide data-driven objectives.

Data Modeling Articles

Innovation is not without complexity; to address the ongoing obstacles preventing effective machine learning adoption—including data quality, integration, and governance—DBTA hosted a webinar, "Data Management Best Practices for Effective Machine Learning Projects," gathering experts in the field to offer their insight.

Posted January 30, 2023

Tricentis, a global leader in enterprise continuous testing, is announcing the launch of Tricentis Test Automation, now generally available as a cloud-based test automation solution that eases test creation, orchestration, and scalable test execution.

Posted January 26, 2023

Lee Atchison, cloud strategist and author of Architecting for Scale, and Andrew Marshall, VP of product marketing and developer relations at Cockroach Labs, gathered for DBTA's webinar, "How to Architect Highly Available Apps for Scale in the Cloud," to explore the ways in which modern applications are challenged by real-time needs, as well as how to adapt to these complicated requirements.

Posted January 26, 2023

The Rocket Software MV team announced the release of UniVerse 11.3.5, increasing supportability, stability, and performance. UniVerse 11.3.5 contains a total of 70 bug fixes and 15 enhancements encompassing audit logging, Python, replication, security, encryption, and more.

Posted January 25, 2023

d-Matrix, the provider of high-efficiency AI-compute and inference processors, is launching Jayhawk, an Open Domain-Specific Architecture (ODSA) Bunch of Wires (BoW)-based chiplet platform.

Posted January 24, 2023

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection, and security software provider, is announcing the general availability of SharePlex 11, a data replication solution that aids enterprises in mission-critical database replication while ensuring data synchronization and high performance—now supporting PostgreSQL and Snowflake. 

Posted January 18, 2023

AI provider DataRobot is releasing DataRobot Notebooks, a fully integrated notebooks solution within the DataRobot AI platform that enables data scientists to collaborate across code-first workflows with one-click access to embedded notebooks. DataRobot Notebooks streamlines the code development experience for data science workflows, with an emphasis on automation, reproducibility, scalability, and collaboration, according to the company.

Posted January 12, 2023

MongoDB is often found within a complete application stack that combines multiple technologies to deliver functionality to users both within and outside of the organization. Very often, organizations want to create automated workflows that propagate information automatically between disparate technologies. 

Posted January 12, 2023

Uncertain economic conditions, skills shortages, rising automation, increasing regulation, and digital disruption—all add up to a stew of both challenges and opportunities for data managers in the year ahead. Emerging technologies—and new attitudes—are reshaping the look and scope of the information management landscape, with implications for overall business strategies and individual careers alike.

Posted January 12, 2023

In the ever-shifting markets professionals work in today, companies must have the ability to remain agile and flexible throughout their business operations. To combat the uncertainties of the marketplace and customer demands for fast service, businesses have turned to open-source technology over the past decade. Open-source technologies provide IT and development teams with the agility to implement innovative tools and practices—such as DevOps and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Posted January 09, 2023

A special registration period for Data Summit 2023 is now open. Take advantage of the best deal of the year with Super Early Bird savings off your pass. While we finalize the program, you can save big with $300 off the regular rate of our most popular passes. Preferential pricing is offered to attendees who register before January 20. Additionally, worry free registration is available through February 10.  

Posted January 06, 2023

Oracle is opening an Oracle Cloud Region in Chicago, Illinois, continuing one of the fastest expansions of any major cloud provider. Oracle's 41st global region and fourth in the U.S. offers customers and partners a new option to locate their infrastructure, applications, and data for optimal performance and latency.

Posted January 04, 2023

Mike Hulme, VP of marketing at DataStax and George Trujillo, principal data strategist at DataStax joined DBTA to explore the ways in which the real-time data cloud can provide key advantages that rival the cost, complexity, and performance of legacy systems.

Posted January 03, 2023

MarkLogic Corporation, the provider of the unified data platform for complex data and metadata management, is unveiling the latest features in its MarkLogic 11 update. Focusing on analytics, simplified development, management, and auditing, the update offers improvements to organizational management of data, including in the cloud.

Posted December 21, 2022

Joining together for DBTA's webinar, "Unlock Your Data's Full Potential: Healthcare & Life Sciences Edition," experts from Immuta, Snowflake, and Radiant explored modern data security strategies in healthcare and life sciences industries that can maintain rigorous compliance while mitigating risk and driving productivity.

Posted December 21, 2022

From cloud to AI and onto new technologies and methodologies such as DataOps, another year means more solutions to choose from. Here, executives of leading companies provide predictions for what's ahead in 2023 for big data. Plans for 5G deployments, new AI technologies like the metaverse or digital twins, and the rise of data fabric and data mesh are just some of the latest trends experts see coming to fruition in 2023.

Posted December 20, 2022

ClearML, the provider of an open-source, unified, end-to-end MLOps platform, is announcing a recent integration of its platform with the latest NVIDIA TAO Toolkit 4.0 release.

Posted December 20, 2022

ClearML, the innovator behind its open-source, end-to-end MLOps platform, is announcing its partnership with Ultralytics, a vision AI company, uniting key ClearML tools with Ultralytics' YOLOv5 AI to boost experiment tracking, remote training, and automated execution.

Posted December 15, 2022

Ambee announced its seven environmental data products are now available on the Data Marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. By delivering accurate and reliable environmental data, Ambee helps enable global businesses, administrations, and individuals to get better access to environmental data and drive towards sustainable innovation.

Posted December 14, 2022

To say the past year has been interesting for data managers and professionals is an understatement. Intensifying efforts to achieve data-driven processes, escalating security issues, shifts toward graph and cloud databases, and supply chain turbulence have dominated data teams' task lists. The coming year will be no different.

Posted December 13, 2022

TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, is launching Shaker, its latest open-source AWS EventBridge alternative project. Shaker captures, transforms, and delivers events from many out-of-the-box and custom event sources within a single, unified experience.

Posted December 12, 2022

Taylor Riggan, senior graph architect at Amazon Web Services for Amazon Neptune, joined DBTA's webinar, "Deep Dive Into Amazon Neptune Serverless Database," to discuss Neptune's capabilities in-depth.

Posted December 12, 2022

MANTA brings intelligence to metadata management by providing a data lineage platform that automatically scans your data environment to build a powerful map of all data flows and deliver it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users. With MANTA, everyone gets full visibility and control of their data pipeline.

Posted December 12, 2022

Today's data environments are highly diverse—residing on many platforms and requiring a variety of approaches to ensure data resiliency and availability. Delivering technology alone will not be enough in 2023. To help make the process of identifying useful products and services easier, each year, DBTA presents a list of Trend-Setting Products. These products, platforms, and services range from long-established offerings that are evolving to meet the needs of their loyal constituents, to breakthrough technologies that may only be in the early stages of adoption.

Posted December 08, 2022

The British royal family safeguards its crown jewels—the treasures held by the English monarchy comprising more than 100 objects estimated to be worth billions—with world-class security systems, including two-ton steel doors and bomb-proof glass. When the crown jewels are transported or moved, such as for a royal wedding or the recent coronation ceremony, they are guarded closely by elite, ex-military members at all times—with access restricted to only a few security-cleared individuals.

Posted December 08, 2022

Modern applications have increasingly leveraged Kubernetes as the "OS of the cloud" because of its ability to abstract the underlying cloud platform and coordinate the activities of multiple docker containers. Kubernetes does indeed radically simplify the deployment and administration of multi-service distributed applications. However, it has a significant learning curve, and maintaining a largescale Kubernetes cluster can be daunting.

Posted December 08, 2022

Readers of this column sometimes ask me questions about databases and database administration, which I welcome. And at times I will take the opportunity to answer particularly intriguing questions in print. One intriguing question I have been asked more than once is: "What metrics and measurements are useful for managing how effective your DBA group is?"

Posted December 08, 2022

DH2i, provider of multi-platform software-defined perimeter (SDP) and smart high availability (HA) clustering software for Windows and Linux, is announcing general availability of DxEnterprise (DxE) version 22. This launch, with its new container sidecar, allows application-level HA clustering for stateful containers in Kubernetes (K8s).

Posted December 07, 2022

The call for speakers is open for the 10th annual Data Summit conference, to be held in Boston, May 10-11, 2023, with pre-conference workshops on May 9, 2023. The Data Summit conference focuses on the business and technical aspects of Data Management, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Architecture, and Emerging Technologies.

Posted December 06, 2022

Airbyte, an open-source integration provider, is unveiling its expanded partnership with dbt Labs, an analytics engineering company, accompanied by a new integration to enable dbt Cloud customers to schedule and initiate dbt jobs from within Airbyte Cloud.

Posted December 06, 2022

AI continues to fuel a hotbed of activity from automating mundane tasks to enhancing decision making, and progress in this area looks to heat up even more in 2023. Here, IT leaders share their perspectives on where AI is headed and what can be expected to change in 2023.

Posted November 30, 2022

Siren, provider of investigative intelligence analytics, is launching Siren 13, the latest iteration of the platform for accelerating investigations through better accessible and actionable data.

Posted November 29, 2022

Cameron O'Rourke, senior director of product strategy at Incorta, and Eldad Chai, CEO of Satori, gathered for a DBTA webinar, "Top Trends in Data Engineering," to discuss key patterns and methods that illuminate what areas of data and analytics need some technological TLC.

Posted November 22, 2022

IBM Research and PyTorch are partnering to enable foundation models with billions of parameters to easily run on standard cloud networking infrastructure, such as Ethernet networking. Researchers at IBM have been working with the distributed team within PyTorch, the open-source machine learning platform run by the Linux Foundation, to find a way to train large AI models on affordable networking hardware.

Posted November 21, 2022

Talend, a global provider of data integration and data management, it is partnering with Passerelle and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to provide new vertical solutions for delivering healthy data to organizations worldwide. Built on Talend Data Fabric and Snowflake's Data Cloud, Passerelle's Data Rocket provides a scalable architecture that delivers governed data ingestion, trusted stewardship, cloud-based storage, and on-demand visual analytics based on the foundation of healthy data. New Data Rocket vertical solutions will be tailored for key vertical markets, beginning with financial services.

Posted November 17, 2022

In the summer of 2010, I sat down with my son and had a serious conversation with him about what he wanted to become in life. He was at a point in his education where the classes he decided to take in the present would determine what kind of studies he could pursue in the future.

Posted November 17, 2022

NVIDIA announced broad adoption of its next-generation H100 Tensor Core GPUs and Quantum-2 InfiniBand, including new offerings on Microsoft Azure cloud and more than 50 new partner systems for accelerating scientific discovery. H100, Quantum-2, and the library updates are all part of NVIDIA's HPC platform—a full technology stack with CPUs, GPUs, DPUs, systems, networking, and a broad range of AI and HPC software—that provides researchers the ability to efficiently accelerate their work on powerful systems, on premises or in the cloud.

Posted November 16, 2022

Thrive, a provider of cybersecurity and digital transformation managed services, is announcing its acquisition of Custard Technical Services, a U.K. IT support company, enabling Custard clients to access the full range of advantages that Thrive's next-generation managed cybersecurity, cloud services, and automation platform supplies.

Posted November 15, 2022

Grafana Labs, providers of open source technology for dashboards and visualization, is unveiling their latest open source projects to improve upon its expanding observability stack: Grafana Phlare, a horizontally scalable continuous profiling database, and Grafana Faro, a web SDK facilitating frontend application observability.

Posted November 11, 2022

In the simplest terms, a logical data model is a visual representation of the business rules and requirements covering the universe-of-discourse for a given solution or enterprise, along with some textual support. Keeping this in mind, the logical data model is a metaphor describing the piece of the organization under analysis.

Posted November 10, 2022

Last month we looked at various types of database recovery, how they work, and how DBAs need to prepare for recovery scenarios. This month, let's delve a little deeper into the issues and decisions that DBAs need to be prepared to address as they work on database recovery. The first thing that DBAs need to be aware of is the recovery time objectives, or RTOs, for the database objects in question. In an ideal world, RTOs would have been established for each object and the backup procedures would be in place to establish sufficient time for recovering to those objectives.

Posted November 10, 2022

Is it getting easier or more difficult to lock down data in today's digital enterprises? Industry leaders have mixed opinions on the state of that challenge. Cloud vendors promise industrial-grade security for backend applica­tions and data, while at the same time the move to cloud increases complexity.

Posted November 02, 2022

Cleveland Clinic and IBM have begun deployment of the first private sector onsite, IBM-managed quantum computer in the United States. The IBM Quantum System is to be located on Cleveland Clinic's main campus in Cleveland. The first quantum computer in healthcare, anticipated to be completed in early 2023, is a key part of the two organizations'10-year partnership aimed at fundamentally advancing the pace of biomedical research through high-performance computing, according to IBM.

Posted October 31, 2022

As one of the fundamental building blocks of the metaverse, IoT digital twins have moved beyond the realms of simulation to facilitate an understanding of real-world problems. Take the European Union's "Destination Earth" initiative. This is drawing on a host of environmental, socioeconomic, and satellite data to develop digital "twins" of the planet in an effort to combat climate change, but the benefits do not stop there, particularly in the B2B world. For risk-averse companies in asset-intensive industries, digital twin technology is set to bring unparalleled value to mission-critical maintenance tasks and enable the delivery of more immersive product experiences to the end customer.

Posted October 31, 2022