Database Security

Information Security solutions protect enterprise and government data and help address the need for compliance with Government and Industry requirements in physical and virtual systems. Security technologies that help protect against misuse by external hackers and internal privileged users include Data Masking, Data Encryption, Identity Management, Degaussing, Firewalls, Auditing, and Mandatory Access Controls.

Database Security Articles

Oracle has announced Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0. According to Oracle, customers in 43 countries across 22 industries have already adopted Oracle Exalogic, and it is the fastest growing Oracle engineered system with 3x Y/Y sales bookings based on the last two quarters of FY 2012. The second generation of Exalogic is raising the bar even further, with a single integrated system that addresses the key business goals of application owners - to seize market opportunities, lower business risk and reduce cost and complexity, noted Hasan Rizvi, senior vice president for product development at Oracle, who spoke during a webcast presentation to launch the new release.

Posted July 27, 2012

The volume of data now being stored by businesses is at a point where the term "big data" almost feels inadequate to describe it. The size of big data sets is a constantly moving target, ranging from a few dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data in a single data set. And it is estimated that, over the next 2 years, the total amount of big data stored by business will be four times today's volumes. As business continues its inexorable shift to the cloud, weblogs continue to fuel the big data fire. But there are plenty of other sources as well - RFID, sensor networks, social networks, social, Internet text and documents, Internet search indexing, call detail records, scientific research, military surveillance, medical records, photography archives, video archives, and large-scale e-commerce transaction records.

Posted July 25, 2012

Data security provider Imperva has announced upgrades to its Database Audit and Protection (DAP) solution, SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring 9.5. The company has also released a new version of its free database vulnerability scanner, Scuba 2.0. These solutions provide new features and capabilities that meet the security needs of large and distributed enterprise data centers by protecting data warehouses.

Posted July 24, 2012

In the always-on global economy, access to enterprise data is critical, and interruptions and delays in the flow of information necessary for decision-making can have serious consequences. A new study fielded by Unisphere Research among IOUG members and sponsored by Oracle explores the issues related to planned and unplanned downtime, alongside high availability and disaster recovery solutions. The survey which garnered input from 358 data managers and professionals, finds that at least half of the respondents are working to provide their organizations with real-time or near-real-time data, but the challenge to meeting this goal is increasing as data volumes escalate and the variety and velocity of data heightens as well.

Posted July 19, 2012

Gazzang and 10gen, the company behind the NoSQL database MongoDB, have formed a partnership that will help customers meet data security compliance regulations and guard against unauthorized access or attack. Gazzang also announced that its zNcrypt solution for encrypting and securing data achieved formal 10gen certification.

Posted July 16, 2012

SEPATON, Inc., which provides disk-based data protection solutions specifically designed for large enterprises, has released DeltaStorDBeXstream software, which is intended to enable the backup and restore of large databases at industry-leading rates while also delivering high capacity reduction through byte-differential deduplication. The software is part of the 6.1 release of its enterprise-optimized data protection software, which powers its S2100 systems.

Posted June 20, 2012

Oracle has announced the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance, an integrated, high performance backup solution for Oracle engineered systems, including the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster T4-4. According to Oracle, the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance delivers up to 20TB per hour full backup and up to 9.4TB per hour full restore throughputs, the fastest published recovery rates among general purpose storage systems for Oracle engineered systems data protection. Oracle's Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is available in two configurations, High Performance and High Capacity, and comes pre-racked and cabled, helping to eliminate hardware tuning.

Posted June 13, 2012

Hortonworks, a commercial vendor promoting the innovation, development and support of Apache Hadoop, has announced the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.0 which is intended to make Hadoop easy to consume and use in enterprise environments. "With the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0, Hortonworks is delivering on its promise to make Apache Hadoop an enterprise viable data platform," says Rob Bearden, CEO of Hortonworks.

Posted June 13, 2012

Ravi Pendekanti heads Systems Product Marketing for Oracle on a global basis. He has been in the Systems industry for more than two decades, working in the areas of servers, storage, software and networking. In this article, Exabriefing talks with Pendekanti about the Oracle engineered systems approach - what's been learned and why it works.

Posted June 13, 2012

Dataguise, a provider of data security intelligence and protection solutions, has announced a data privacy protection and risk assessment solution for Hadoop. The new solution, DgHadoop, provides compliance assessment and enforcement for centralized data privacy protection to simplify data compliance management, improve operational efficiencies and reduce regulatory compliance costs.Now in beta, DgHadoop will be available starting in July 2012 directly through Dataguise and through strategic Dataguise partners, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Compuware.

Posted June 12, 2012

Global IDs, Inc., a provider of data governance and master data management (MDM) software, has introduced the Global IDs Data Governance Appliance, an integrated hardware and software solution targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The primary users for the appliance are expected to be enterprise data architects, data quality managers and data warehouse managers.

Posted June 05, 2012

AccelOps, Inc., a provider of integrated security information and event management (SIEM), and performance and availability monitoring for on-premise and cloud-based data centers, announced that it has added 150 customers and raised $15 million in new funding with USVP, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, leading the round.

Posted May 29, 2012

Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc), a provider of enterprise database security solutions, plans to give away up to $1 million of its database security software as part of an effort to help organizations defend against threat of data breaches. AppSecInc says that companies that take advantage of the offer will receive a free 1-year license of its database security scanning and assessment tool, AppDetectivePro, which retails for $2,000 per database instance.

Posted May 29, 2012

Embarcadero Technologies has introduced a new version of its database management and development platform, DB Power Studio XE3, which offers enhancements to further improve the performance and availability of databases. The new release offers increased coverage across database platforms by delivering multiple feature enhancements for each product in the suite, including DB Artisan, Rapid SQL, and DB Optimizer, as well as direct access to Embarcadero's support team. In addition, DBArtisan and Rapid SQL also introduce support for Sybase IQ, which is initially available as a technical preview, Scott Walz, senior director of product management at Embarcardero, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted May 22, 2012

Vormetric, Inc., provider of enterprise encryption and key management, has announced that Vormetric Encryption now supports Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI) on-chip technology for accelerated encryption/decryption tasks. Intel AES-NI offers improved data security at faster speeds and lower costs, allowing enterprises to pervasively encrypt larger data volumes and a greater number of applications.

Posted May 22, 2012

CIOs and IT departments are on the frontlines of a monumental IT shift. With the number of mobile devices and applications exploding and bandwidth soaring, they are being asked to find ways to enable the brave new world of enterprise mobility. All involved - from users to IT - recognize the productivity and business efficiency benefits of this trend, but it is typically only IT that also recognizes the dangers unchecked mobility poses to sensitive corporate data.

Posted May 09, 2012

Oracle has announced a major new release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, an integrated applications suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Enhancements in the 9.1 release focus on three main areas - usability and productivity, deeper industry-specific functionality, and greater support for global operations and compliance, Bob Monahan, senior director of product strategy and product management of JD Edwards, Oracle, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted April 25, 2012

EMC Corporation has announced new EMC Data Domain Boost (DD Boost) integration with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). DD Boost software provides advanced integration between EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems and applications for faster, more efficient backup and recovery. The DD Boost software distributes part of the deduplication process to the Oracle database server and enables RMAN to directly manage Data Domain replication. "This is important because with this new announcement, it really brings complete control of Oracle backup and disaster recovery to the Oracle database administrators," Rob Emsley, senior director of product marketing for EMC's Backup Recovery Systems division, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted April 25, 2012

SEPATON, Inc., a provider of disk-based data protection solutions designed for large enterprises, has announced that its S2100 is the first data protection platform to receive certification by Symantec for supporting Symantec's NetBackup OpenStorage Auto Image Replication (A.I.R.) software. SEPATON has also been certified by Symantec for supporting optimized synthetic backups.

Posted April 17, 2012

Zettaset has announced SHadoop, a new security initiative designed to improve security for Hadoop. The new initiative will be incorporated as a security layer into Zettaset's Hadoop Orchestrator data management platform. The SHadoop layer is intended to mitigate architectural and input validation issues that exist within the core Hadoop code, and improve upon user role audit tracking and user level security.

Posted April 12, 2012, a provider of enterprise-grade online backup and disaster recovery solutions, has unveiled a new version of its flagship cloud service. According to the company, Zetta DataProtect 3.0 brings enterprise-grade cloud data protection for small and mid-size enterprises in a managed service that requires no appliances and can be deployed within minutes. The solution aims to simplify and automate backups of critical IT assets and enable businesses to access and instantly recover critical files, directories or entire file systems from anywhere via the web.

Posted April 11, 2012

Solution development work is usually accomplished via projects, or a combination of programs and projects. This project perspective often leads to thoughts of documentation as project-owned. And while many documents are project-specific, such as timelines, resource plans, and such, not everything is project-specific. Unless projects are established in a fashion whereby each is very limited in scope to the creation or enhancement of a single application or system, specification and design documents belong to the final solution and not to the project.

Posted April 11, 2012

McAfee, a security technology company, is offering a free downloadable audit plug-in for MySQL databases that records full activity audits, which are often required for enterprises to satisfy certain standards and regulations. The plug-in is designed to supplement McAfee's Database Activity Monitoring sensor. In combination, the plug-in and sensor can offer real-time analysis and policy enforcement for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

Posted April 03, 2012

Citrusleaf, a real-time, distributed NoSQL database technology provider, has announced the immediate availability of Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR), a new product that enables flexibility for running real-time applications easily and seamlessly from different data centers. XDR runs on Citrusleaf 2.0, the company's flagship database platform for high-volume, data-intensive, web-scale and mobile businesses such as digital advertising.

Posted March 28, 2012

Gazzang, Inc., a provider of cloud-enabling, platform-as-a-service products, has released a new encryption and key management platform that secures organizations' big data against the threat of a breach or attack. Named the Gazzang Encryption Platform for Big Data, it protects data stored in Hadoop, Cassandra and MongoDB.

Posted March 27, 2012

Novell announced an update to its ZENworks suite, which includes integrated Mac device management, and full disk encryption capabilities. ZENworks 11 Support Pack 2 enables customers to lock out threats without shutting down IT access, the vendor says. ZENworks 11 now offers a more holistic approach to supporting Mac devices in the enterprise. With this release, Mac support is provided through Remote Management for Mac, Asset Management for Mac, Mac OSX Patching and Mac Bundles.

Posted March 21, 2012

The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 for Oracle Linux is now generally available. The updated kernel includes performance and scalability enhancements. The new release, which is based on the 3.0.16 mainline kernel, also includes improved memory and resource management, and is optimized to be deployed as a virtual guest.

Posted March 14, 2012

IBM unveiled new capabilities planned for its security intelligence platform designed to combine deep analytics with real-time data feeds from hundreds of different sources. This provides organizations the ability to help proactively protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated and complex security threats and attacks using a single platform, the vendor says.

Posted March 05, 2012

Varonis Systems Inc., a provider of data governance solutions and metadata framework technology, is set to release a solution with Varonis DatAdvantage, DataPrivilege and IDU Classification Framework and HP IBRIX X9000 Storage Systems in March. The pairing of the Varonis solution with HP IBRIX X9000 will allow for greater visibility into permissions, safe removal of excessive permissions, detailed audit trails of files, data ownership identification, actionable intelligence on the location of sensitive data, and sensitive content analysis.

Posted February 28, 2012

The challenges of maintaining security and regulatory compliance as applications increasingly move to the cloud - whether public, private or hybrid - will come into greater focus in 2012, says Ryan Berg, cloud security strategy lead for IBM. The need to manage security among an increasingly mobile workforce, with many employees choosing to use their own personal devices, will also be a key concern in 2012, says Berg.

Posted February 23, 2012

EnterpriseDB, designer of enterprise PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, has released the latest version of its Advanced Server platform, Postgres Plus 9.1. The latest update offers improvements in read performance and write scalability, as well as greater flexibility and reliability due to its transaction-level control over synchronous replication, an industry first. Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1 is also more secure than previous versions due to the addition of Virtual Private Database, and has expanded its Oracle-compatible features.

Posted February 21, 2012

Ntirety, Inc. announced that it has been successfully audited and certified under the MSPAlliance's (MSPA) Unified Certification Standard for Cloud and Managed Service Providers (UCS). The certification is specifically designed to provide business consumers of cloud and managed services with the assurance that the service provider they hire will meet or exceed the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, facilities, managed services practices, and customer satisfaction.

Posted February 07, 2012

Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc), a provider of database security solutions for the enterprise, and Unisphere Research, today unveiled the findings from the "Data Security At An Inflection Point: 2011 Survey Of Best Practices And Challenges." A detailed overview of the findings and the implications for enterprise organizations will be presented by Joe McKendrick, lead analyst for Unisphere Research, and Thom VanHorn, vice president, Global Marketing, AppSecInc, in a webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 11 am ET.

Posted January 30, 2012

Was one of your New Year resolutions to get the security patches applied in a timely and efficient manner? Oracle's quarterly Critical Patch Update was released yesterday, and IOUG recommends that you apply security patches on a regular basis in order to maintain the security posture of your Oracle environment. Having procedures already in place will make a rollout of these patches easier allowing for pre-checks of the environment and databases, applying the patches, testing and validations and any post-scripts that should run.

Posted January 18, 2012

CyberSource, a Visa company and a gold-level member of the OraclePartnerNetwork (OPN), announced it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of CyberSource Payment Management Services with Oracle's ATG Commerce Suite 10. Oracle ATG customers can now more rapidly adopt CyberSource's portfolio of payment management services, helping them to get to market faster and grow with less cost and complexity.

Posted January 04, 2012

Stacks of statistics from many sources share a common theme - growth rates for digital information are extremely high and undeniable. A tsunami of e-information is fueling the engine of today's corporate enterprise, and many businesses are aiming to ride the information wave to prosperity. However, many companies are not sufficiently attentive to all the potential liabilities lurking in the depths of this digital information, including the risks involved in using real, live personal customer and employee data for application development and testing purposes. There's real potential for serious data security, legal and noncompliance risks when businesses fail to protect this data.

Posted December 21, 2011

The first calendar year following SAP's acquisition of Sybase is coming to a close. David Jonker, director, product marketing - Data Management & Analytics, Sybase, discusses key product integrations, IT trends that loom large in Sybase's data management strategies, and the emergence of what Sybase describes as DW 2.0. 2011 has been "a foundational year," with effort focused on making Sybase technologies work with SAP and setting the stage for 2012, says Jonker. "We believe 2012 is going to be a big year for us on the database side."

Posted December 21, 2011

More than 350 IOUG members who completed a survey on data security, "Databases Are More at Risk Than Ever: 2011 IOUG Data Security Survey," were entered into a drawing for an Apple iPad. Rob Pierce, an IOUG member - and also a member of the Nashville Oracle Users Group - has been selected as the winner of the iPad in this IOUG ResearchWire sweepstakes drawing.

Posted December 07, 2011

The results of the latest IOUG survey on data security are in and the story is not likely to help data professionals or C-level executives sleep better at night. The study, "Databases are More at Risk Than Ever: 2011 IOUG Data Security Survey," conducted in July 2011 by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., and sponsored by Oracle, finds the security threat level to business is escalating and many information security professionals are concerned about the growing numbers of data breaches as well as the methods by which valuable data is being accessed. The IOUG Data Security Survey has been conducted every year since 2008, and Oracle is making the full report on the 2011 survey, authored by Unisphere Research analyst Joe McKendrick, available on the Oracle website. A short registration form is required for access.

Posted December 07, 2011

Join Oracle and Unisphere for a live webcast to learn more about common practices that are most vulnerable to fraud and error, and the best practices and technologies used by leading vs. laggard organizations to drive the hidden costs out of operations and enforce process controls. Speakers will include Thomas J. Wilson, president, Unisphere Research; Joseph McKendrick, analyst, Unisphere Research; and Stephanie Maziol, director GRC Applications, Oracle.

Posted December 06, 2011